Winter time skin care on a budget


It is now February of 2017 and it has been a long and trying winter.  Rain and heavy snowfall have limited my weekend outings.  I decided to indulge in some old school beauty routines that made the long evenings indoors more enjoyable.


A leisurely, hot bath is made even more pleasant by addition of a fragrant bath foam product.  I enjoyed the light scent of Percara’s Cucumber and Aloe Bath Foam.  It makes lots and lots of bubbles and left my skin very soft.  I used Dove soap along with the bath foam and found the scents did not clash.  To keep my skin adequately moisturized I used Express Hydration Body Lotion by Nivea after my bath.  I have continued to use this combination of products since mid-January and my skin has remained soft throughout the cold and damp weather.


It is not always true that one has to spend an extravagant amount of money to find a good moisturizer.  I have found the line of anti-aging and anti-wrinkle skin creams made by U (Universal Distribution Center) just right.  My skin is sensitive so I stick to products I can trust.  All of U’s creams have the same base that contains glycerin, collagen, as well as Vitamins A and E.  Since I could not find the anti-aging cream I went with U’s Anti-Wrinkle Skin Cream.  It has a lighter consistency and absorbs more quickly into my skin.  This cream also works well as a base under liquid foundation, blush and a finishing of powder.

The Percara Aloe and Cucumber Bath Foam and U’s Anti-Wrinkle Skin Cream cost $1.19 each and are available at Deal 99 cents and up in Bay Ridge Brooklyn.

Store Information:  Deal 99 cents and Up, 7109 Third Avenue, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY.


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Beauty on a Budget: Enjoy little luxuries every day!

As the hot and humid days of Summer 2016 recede into the past I’ll remember how I sought enjoyment each morning and night at bath time.  One of my favorite products purchased over the summer is U’s Green Tea Cucumber Body Wash.  It makes a fragrant foam when used with a mesh body sponge.  I found the scent was very light and my skin was softer after the bath.  In the high heat and humidity using lotion after a bath or shower is not always an option.  The lotion does not absorb well into the skin on the days with highest humidity. This body wash was a good alternative. The 12 oz. bottle cost $1.19

After a leisurely bath, I used a rose scented dusting powder by Simply Sensual.  The texture of the talc is very fine.  The puff which comes with the powder is soft making the use of this product very pleasant.  At first the rose scent is noticeable but gradually fades.  I found that there was no clash between the green tea fragrance of the body wash and the rose fragrance of the dusting powder.  I do think that when one is using upscale products which are formulated for staying power, it’s best to consider the effect layering different scents creates.  The Simply Sensual powder, like the Green Tea Cucumber Body Wash, is an inexpensive product. This does not take away from the enjoyment you can get from using them. Simply Sensual dusting powder cost $1.19.  The container is attractive and can be used to store small items after the powder is used up.  I plan to use it for storing paper clips or straight pins.

I bought the dusting powder and body wash at:

Deal 99 Cents Store
7019 Third Ave.
Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY
Tel:  718-759-9335

Deal 99 Cents Store also has bubble baths available for under $2.00 a bottle.

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Beauty on a Budget: Light, fragrant body and face creams

Every woman needs a light moisturizer to keep her skin supple.  One that is lightly scented adds to the enjoyment of using the product.  I have very sensitive skin and am hesitant to spend a lot of money on a new skin care product.  I’m also unwilling to pay $20 and up for brands sold at chain drug stores.  To satisfy my needs I’ve tried experimenting with inexpensive products by testing them first on a small area of my neck or cheek.  To my surprise I have found a very good moisturizer that satisfies both my need for a light, absorbent moisturizer and one that has a pleasant fragrance.


Age Defying Skin Cream may not actually halt the aging process but I find it makes my skin smooth and soft after I use it.  It is very light and not at all greasy.  I can use it over my face and neck and even under my eyes without any irritation.  It contains Vitamins A & E according to the label.  I use it instead of a liquid make-up base and find that face powder and powder blush stay on my skin longer.


I also bought a jar of Cooling Aloe Skin Cream to use on my hands.  Now that winter is over I don’t need a heavy hand crème with ingredients like cocoa butter.  This cream works well as is very absorbent.  The Aloe leaf juice added to the product would, you think, make the price higher but it doesn’t.

Both of these skin creams are made by Universal Distributors, manufacturers of products for discount and dollar stores.  I bought mine at Deal 99 Cents Store, 7019 Third Avenue (near Ovington Avenue and 71 St.) in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY.  The Age Defying Skin Cream cost $1.19 and the Cooling Aloe Skin Cream cost $1.29.  The packaging is lightweight plastic so there is no worrying about it slipping and breaking.  I’m very satisfied with both skin creams and recommend you give them a try.





Beauty on a budget: a perfect mask for sensitive skin


Oatmeal Oxygen Bubble Mask pack contains two treatments.

Of all the home beauty treatments I’ve tried so far, the Oatmeal Oxygen Bubble Mask is the one that is just right for my sensitive skin.  It refines the skin texture and eases fatigue lines on the face but does not result in a tight feeling once washed off.  The mask is like a gel that you apply to your face after thoroughly washing and drying your face.

The gel works into a rich foam that has a mild fragrance.  The instructions did not say how long the mask should stay on.  I kept working the foam into a rich lather and left it on for 2 minutes.  There was no pulling or hardening.  The mask remained rich and creamy as I washed it off.  I recommend using a clean wash cloth and warm water as the foam becomes thicker the longer you massage it into your skin.

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Epielle Deep Cleansing Nose Strip


A box of Epielle’s “Deep cleaning nose strip” comes with three strips.

I’ve always wondered if these strips you put across your nose really worked at clearing out the dirt that accumulates in enlarged pores.  I decided to give them a try when I picked up the Epielle brand of “Deep cleansing nose strip” at a nearby 99 cents and up store.


The strips are very easy to use.  First wash your face and dry.  Moisten your nose area with some water and then apply the strip according to the directions on the box.  The important thing is to smooth the strip so that no air bubbles remain.  The strip stays on for 12-15 minutes.

In the beginning I did not feel anything but gradually the strip began to harden and I felt a tingling.  It did not hurt but it definitely felt like something was happeneing.  I just hoped my skin would not look red or puffy when I took the strip off.

When I took the strip off I was surprised by how many blackheads had been lifted up and out from my pores.  At first my skin was a little puffy but after a few minutes it was very smooth.  The pore size had minimized.  I decided to forego make-up or moisturizer until my skin no longer felt puffy.  The package directions state that the strips can be used every three days but I think given the sensitivity of my own skin I’d use them once every 7 to 10 days.

I think the strips do a superior job of cleaning and tightening pores.  I plan to use them rather than a mask.  Epielle “Deep cleansing nose strip” is made in Korea for KareWay Products.  I paid $1.29 for a box at New Wang Fa Trading at 6926 4th Avenue in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY.

I have placed a photo of what the strip lifted out of my pores behind the cut which follows.  It’s really icky to look at so if you’re easily grossed out just skip to a different posting.

Please note:  I do not receive remuneration of any sort from the stores or manufactures whose products I review.  This posting is for informational purposes only.  Before using any type of skin care product do a test on a small part of your face or arm to ensure you do not have any negative reactions to it.

Behind this cut is a photo of the gunk the strip lifted out of my pores…

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Crochet thread at 99 cents a spool

The 99 Cents Up & Less store located on Third Avenue between 72nd and 73rd Streets in Bay Ridge is under new management. It is now called Grace Lucas Bay Ridge 99 cents Store and Grocery.   The store now has a better layout with more room to navigate the aisles.  There is even a small assortment of women’s clothing and accessories available.

I’m finally getting back into crocheting 1:6 scale fashions for my Japanese fashion dolls thanks to the lovely crochet threads available at 99 Cents Up & Less.

The colors of this thread are very bright and the texture works out well for the small scale crochet I’m doing.  The silky finish makes it much prettier than the dull flat finish of South Maid no. 7 crochet thread.

The label on the spool has the name “Gold Thread Brand”.  When you go into the store ask for this brand so the cashier can direct you to the shelf it is on.  The spools are small so I’d recommend that if you plan to make something for yourself count on buying several.  If you’re making small scale items like doll clothes one spool will be enough.

The Grace Lucas  Bay Ridge 99 cents and Grocery Store is located at 7219 Third Avenue (bet. 72nd & 73rd Sts.) in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY


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Indulge in the scent of green tea at bath time!

This past weekend was a preview of the hot summer days ahead.   During the summer fragrances that remind me of fruits or grasses inspire me to think of shady country lanes or napping in a hammock on a lazy afternoon.  With this in mind, I went shopping for bath gel or crème soap with a cool scent and rich lather to use when I take a relaxing bath before settling in for the night. . I spent more than expected but it was a case of “I just have to have this one!”  I bought the Green Tea and Liquorice Shower Cream by Liushen on the basis of the lovely fragrance and the fact that I love the light green colors on the bottle. To get the most out of this shower cream you need to use a net bath sponge like the ones shown here.  Again, I selected these based on the pretty, cool colors.  You only need a little of the shower cream to make enough fragrant lather to clean your whole body. I found my skin very soft and lightly scented after the bath.  Since I only need a little for each bath, the price of $7.99 for this bottle is worth it.  I think I’m set for the summer as far as bath products go. I’d love to find a body lotion in the same scent made by this company.  Let me know if you find it somewhere by leaving a comment to the posting.

I bought the Green Tea and Liquorice Shower Cream at : H.M.Y. Discount Inc. 6926 4th Avenue Bay Ridge Brooklyn, NY 11209 Nearest transportation: RR train to 69th Street/4th Avenue station.

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