My Award Free Blog Zone

Preparing applications for copies of vital records as part of genealogical research and family tree building.

I work two jobs and have very limited time for my genealogical research, dressmaking and blogging. Due to this I never participate in accepting and passing along the various awards which circulate in the blogosphere.

I am not blogging in order to gain a wide readership. To have a small group of steady followers who contribute intelligent responses or advice through their comments is a reward which I say “Thank You” for. And if and when you select to follow any or all of my blogs I consider myself a winner.


Note: It has become necessary for me to moderate all comments prior to approval for posting. To save time and discourage future tagging of my blog for awards no notice of such award will be approved nor will acknowledgement or communications of any kind regarding the award be made since I have stated my position already in the paragraphs above.


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