EmilyAnn Frances May

Brooklyn is a place of historic brownstones, diverse ethnic communities and an exciting arts scene.  It is also filled with small, independently owned stores and boutiques that offer whatever you may need at prices that won’t break your budget. There is still a unique, local character to shopping here that is often missed when one lives in areas predominated by big retailers.  We have those, too, but my preference is for the smaller, locally owned stores.

I shop very carefully for necessities like clothing and household articles so that I have money left for the little pleasantries that make life sweet and for the purchase of dressmaking supplies.

Come along with me as I go through Dyker Heights, Sunset Park, Boro Park and Brooklyn’s Chinatown (among just some of the communities) as I seek to get the best buy possible.

Please note:  All reviews are based on my own evaluation of the purchases which are made according to my needs or wants.  I do not represent any shop owner or manufacturer.  No goods or payments have been received by me in exchange for a review in this blog.


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