Beauty on a Budget-Spring into Summer 2017

Spring is finally here and with the changing of the seasons comes the need to change one’s skin care routine. In this posting I’ll share how I do that and manage to stay within the target range I plan to spend on each item. That targeted price is never to go above $5 per item whenever possible. I achieve this by looking for store brands with comparable or the same ingredients. If I am shopping at 99 cent stores then purchasing a store brand is not possible but I look for products by the same manufacturer whose products I have used in the past and which peformed well.


Rite-Aid’s daylogic cleansing cream and astringent.

As the weather gets warmer my skin produces more oil. Especially on hot and humid days, a rich cleansing cream and moisturizer prove unnecessary. I have always done well with Noxema medicated cleansing cream and Sea Breeze astringent during the hot weather. Both reduce the oil and deep clean my skin without resulting dryness. I attribute this to the camphor and eucalyptus oil in these brand name products. Since they are not always available on sale at Rite-Aid Pharmacy, I look for the daylogic brand distributed by Rite-Aid. The daylogic deep cleansing cream has the same ingredients as Noxema while the daylogic astringent has similar ingredients to Sea Breeze, including that important euclapytus oil and camphor. With the Rite-Aid membership card you can save even more money when the daylogic products are on sale. The regular price for the daylogic Deep Cleasning skin cream is $4.59 and the daylogic Deep Cleasing Astringent is $4.49.


Delta Brand’s Lucky Aloe Vera Sun Gel.

During the hot weather, the skin on my legs, arms and torso does not absorb a creamy lotion as quickly as it does in the winter. It is very important to keep the skin supple and moisturized during the summer months. Drinking lots of water helps from within and applying a lotion or gel on the skin’s surface does the work from the outside. But what kind of lotion or gel should you use? I have found an unexpected answer in Delta Brand’s  “Lucky Sea ‘n’ Sun Aloe After Sun Gel”. The green gel is very lightweight and quickly absorbed after a hot bath or shower. I find that it works very well even on skin that is not tanned. This product contains Aloe Vera juice and glycerin but no alcohol. I bought this product at Deal 99 cents and Up in Bay Ridge for $1.49.


Delta Brand’s Lucky Citrus scented Kitchen Anti-Bacterial Liquid Hand Soap.


Delta Brand’s Lucky Daily Moisturizing Lotion.

Hand care in the summer months may require a change in products as well. I use Anti-Bacterial Hand Soaps year round but find that a lighter version works better for me in the summer months. Delta Brands makes a line of anti-bacterial hand soaps that are pleasantly scented and do not dry the hands. I prefer their citrus scented hand soap which is labeled as a “kitchen citrus” but I find it works good for all-around use. After hand washing I follow up with Delta’s Lucky Daily Moisturizing Lotion that contains colloidal oatmeal derived from oat kernel flour. The lotion is of a medium consistency and quickly absorbs into the hands. I find both products work well together. I bought both at Deal 99 cents and Up Store in Bay Ridge. The lotion is $1.29 a bottle and the soap is sometimes on sale for 99 cents but usually sells for $1 or $1.19 a bottle.

I hope you will get some ideas for the challenges of treating combination skin during the spring and summer months. It is possible to do so while staying within a budgeted amount if you’re willing to devote some extra time to comparison shop, as well as trying out different products.

I bought the products at these stores in Bay Ridge:

daylogic deep cleasing cream and astringent at
Rite-Aid Pharmacy, 7118 Third Avenue in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY.

Delta Brand’s Lucky Sea ‘n’ Sun Aloe After Sun Gel, Lucky Kitchen Citrus Anti-bacterial Hand Soap and Lucky Daily Moisturizing Lotion at
Deal 99 cents and Up, 7019 Third Avenue in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn NY.


Note: I do not receive any payment in cash or kind for writing about the products featured in this blog. The postings are intended to be informational. Should you have serious skin problems please consult a dermatologist before beginning any kind of a skin care regimen.