Beauty on a Budget: A touch of lavendar

Lavender has a refreshing fragrance that many people find uplifting.  To see if I’d benefit from using this fragrance at bath time and having the fragrance in the air I bought a few inexpensive products to try out.


Lavender Chamomile Air Freshener by House Care releases a very light and pleasing fragrance into the kitchen and bath of my studio.  The fragrance is diffused by means of gelatin-like beads that absorb the fragrant liquid at the bottom of the jar.  As days and weeks pass, the beads become smaller as more fragrance is released into the air.  Eventually the beads become very tiny and can be disposed of.  The jar is recyclable.

I have two of the Lavender Chamomile Air Freshener jars right now.  At first the fragrance was very noticeable.  Two weeks later it is much more faint but every so often I do catch a whiff of it and find it still very pleasant.


Lavendar Body Wash by Lucky has a mild fragrance and works up into a light lather.  I like the lavender scent of this product but do not find the bubbles or the feel of using the gel as rich as I did the Green Tea Cucumber Body Wash by U (Universal Distribution Center).  It also did not leave my skin feeling as soft as I expected.  I think UDC’s line of Body Washes is a better choice even though the price is the same as Lucky’s line of Body Washes.


Dalan’s Lavender Thyme Liquid Hand Soap’s fragrance is an interesting combination that I enjoy using.  The soap lathers well and rinses off easily.  I did not find it drying.  It would be good if there was a hand lotion available with the same fragrance.  It is different from the usual fruity and floral fragrances available in hand lotions right now.  I think this would please others looking for a more unusual choice.  If the consistency of this hand soap was a little richer  I think it would be the basis of a good body wash, too.

I bought all three of these products at New Wang Fa Trading at 6926 4th Avenue in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY.  I paid $1.00 for the Lucky Lavender Body Wash, $1.49 for the Home Care Lavender Chamomile Air Freshener and $1.19 for the Dalan Lavender Thyme Liquid Hand Soap.

Did my experiment using inexpensive, lavender scented products convince me the fragrance is uplifting?  Yes.  Will I spend more to buy a genuine lavender essential oil?  The answer is “Yes”!


Note:  This posting is for informational purposes only.  I do not receive any merchandise or remuneration from the manufacturers of products featured nor from the stores mentioned.