Beauty on a Budget: Enjoy little luxuries every day!

As the hot and humid days of Summer 2016 recede into the past I’ll remember how I sought enjoyment each morning and night at bath time.  One of my favorite products purchased over the summer is U’s Green Tea Cucumber Body Wash.  It makes a fragrant foam when used with a mesh body sponge.  I found the scent was very light and my skin was softer after the bath.  In the high heat and humidity using lotion after a bath or shower is not always an option.  The lotion does not absorb well into the skin on the days with highest humidity. This body wash was a good alternative. The 12 oz. bottle cost $1.19

After a leisurely bath, I used a rose scented dusting powder by Simply Sensual.  The texture of the talc is very fine.  The puff which comes with the powder is soft making the use of this product very pleasant.  At first the rose scent is noticeable but gradually fades.  I found that there was no clash between the green tea fragrance of the body wash and the rose fragrance of the dusting powder.  I do think that when one is using upscale products which are formulated for staying power, it’s best to consider the effect layering different scents creates.  The Simply Sensual powder, like the Green Tea Cucumber Body Wash, is an inexpensive product. This does not take away from the enjoyment you can get from using them. Simply Sensual dusting powder cost $1.19.  The container is attractive and can be used to store small items after the powder is used up.  I plan to use it for storing paper clips or straight pins.

I bought the dusting powder and body wash at:

Deal 99 Cents Store
7019 Third Ave.
Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY
Tel:  718-759-9335

Deal 99 Cents Store also has bubble baths available for under $2.00 a bottle.

Note:  I do not receive any remuneration in goods or payment for these postings.  The content is strictly informational.  If you have allergies or sensitivities to any cosmetic or skin care product it is your responsibility to know what is good for your skin before you make a purchase.