Beauty on a budget: A touch of Spring

After weeks of being cooped up because of the cold weather I took a long walk this past Sunday.  It was a day where hints of Spring were everywhere in Bay Ridge.  I saw bees flying in one garden where a few flowers had begun to bloom.  The tips of the trees are looking fuller, a sign of the green buds that are forthcoming.

I longed very much for a light floral fragrance to fill the air but it’s still too cold for the earth to send forth the fragrances of grass and flowers.  I was in the mood to buy a fragrance but without the money for any kind of a name brand, pricey purchase.


I ended up at one of my favorite 99 cents and up stores where they are selling copies of designer fragrances at $4.99 a bottle.  My late Mom loved Anais Anais, a fragrance that not only evokes Springtime for me but a feeling of well being since memories of my Mom always lift my spirits.  When I saw the tester bottle of Ana Ana I was very skeptical.  I decided to try it.  To my surprise Ana Ana was very light, reminding me mostly of lily of the valley.  I went outside the store and waited a few minutes to see what the fragrance was like after a few minutes.  It was still light but growing faint.

I decided to buy the bottle anyway.  The fragrance remained faint but that is fine with me because I do not like a fragrance that is very noticeable.  I decided to use Ana Ana as a tool for aromatherapy.  In the evening I will spray my bed with it before going to sleep or spray my lingerie before getting dressed.  Having this fragrance around me even for a short time is very pleasing and worth the $4.99.  So many happy memories arise and you really can’t put a price on that.

I bought Ana Ana at New Wang Fa Trading at 6926 4th Avenue in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY.


Note:  This posting is for informational purposes only.  I do not receive any merchandise or remuneration from the manufacturers of products featured nor from the stores mentioned.