Beauty on a budget: a perfect mask for sensitive skin


Oatmeal Oxygen Bubble Mask pack contains two treatments.

Of all the home beauty treatments I’ve tried so far, the Oatmeal Oxygen Bubble Mask is the one that is just right for my sensitive skin.  It refines the skin texture and eases fatigue lines on the face but does not result in a tight feeling once washed off.  The mask is like a gel that you apply to your face after thoroughly washing and drying your face.

The gel works into a rich foam that has a mild fragrance.  The instructions did not say how long the mask should stay on.  I kept working the foam into a rich lather and left it on for 2 minutes.  There was no pulling or hardening.  The mask remained rich and creamy as I washed it off.  I recommend using a clean wash cloth and warm water as the foam becomes thicker the longer you massage it into your skin.

The results were better than I expected.  My skin looked smoother, brighter and felt very soft.  There was no redness or tightness that I experience when using a traditional clay based mask.  Among the natural ingredients used to make this mask are Camellia leaf. papaya and oatmeal extracts.  These ingredients are all known for their soothing effects on the skin.  To learn more about the ingredients used in this you can visit the website of the distributor Beauty Treats International  Co. page for the Oatmeal Oxygen Bubble Mask .

I  bought the Oxygen Oatmeal Bubble Mask at New Wang Fa Trading at 6926 4th Avenue in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY.  At $1.29 for the two treatment pack I consider this a good buy and a treat for my skin as well.  I recommend checking out the product further and looking for it in a store near you.


Please Note:  This posting is for informational purposes only.  I an not an employee of the manufacturers or stores mentioned.  No remuneration in goods or payment is received for my research and use of the products mentioned.  As with any skin care product it is your responsibility to check the ingredients and speak with your dermatologist if you are being treated for a problem with your skin.