Soften winter weary skin with a Cucumber Extract Facial Mask


Packet containing facial mask by Cala Products.

I’m continuing a series of home treatments using different products from the 99 cents & up stores in my part of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.  Today I tried a facial mask made by Cala Products.  The label describes it as containing Cucumber Extract and being good for all skin types.  It also claims to relax the skin.  My skin is showing signs of stress from the cold weather and the many matters I have to attend to right now.  My eyes are very puffy, too.

I have repeatedly heard that putting two cucumber slices on my eyes would bring the puffiness down.  But I’m a little reluctant to use a food product on my skin since it is very sensitive.  I once tried a homemade mask made with egg whites and honey as a teenager.  My skin was very oily at that time.  The mask did tighten my pores but also irritated my skin.  I do not want to have any problems with my eyes so I’ll skip experimenting with cucumber slices.  I went shopping for an eye mask but could not find such a product.  When I saw a Cucumber Extract facial mask I thought it might be good to try since I want to find a product that will give my skin a boost, a kind of substitute for a mini-facial.

The Cala Products mask is made in South Korea.  It has a very delicate fragrance and silky feeling.  This was a good first impression.  The mask was too big for my face and I had to keep patting it into place until it effectively covered my face.  Trust me on this, you will not have the neat looking mask shown  on the packet.  I ended up looking a little like I was trying out for a part in a remake of “The Invisible Woman.”

The mask stays on for 15 minutes.  When I took it off my skin was noticeably smoother and softer.  It stayed soft for a few more days, too.  If a product could be made to help puffy eyes the same way, I’d like to try it.

The Cala Products Cucumber Extract Facial Mask sells for $1.29 at New Wang Fa Trading at 6926 4th Avenue in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY.

For more information about Cala Products visit  This is the URL given on the packet of the product reviewed here.

Please note:  I do not receive remuneration of any sort from the stores or manufactures whose products I review.  This posting is for informational purposes only.  Before using any type of skin care product do a test on a small part of your face or arm to ensure you do not have any negative reactions to it.