Is $9.99 a pound a bargain price for good quality coffee? I say “Yes!”

My first bag of Javatazza coffee.

I finally did it.  I spent more than planned for on a pound of coffee.  I love a cup of flavorful coffee early in the morning.  I also love using an old percolator for the nostalgia value.  The aroma of coffee perking early in the morning takes me back to some very good memories.  My Mom used a percolator and my favorite Auntie used an electric percolator.  I have many happy memories of sleepovers at my Auntie’s house with my Cousin Jackie.  All that comes back with the sound of the percolator and the aroma of the coffee!  It’s a pleasant way to gradually wake up in the morning.

The store brand of canned coffee or even brands like Chock Full O’Nuts don’t work well with this percolator.  So I decided to take a chance and buy a pound of Javatazza at the Food Dynasty on Third Avenue between 74th and 75th Streets.  I chose the “Coarse Ground” setting when grinding the beans.  The French Vanilla Decaff sounded like the new flavor I was seeking.  It didn’t disappoint.  I’m very happy to spend $9.99 for a pound of this flavorful and mellow coffee.  It even has a slight touch of chocolate.

The reason why I’m now perking my own coffee is that lately the coffee I’ve bought is either bitter or too strong.  When I think of a cup of coffee costing $1.25 and up I start getting more fussy.  I drink two cups of coffee between breakfast and break time when I work at my home office.  If I was to buy a large coffee or two cups of coffee per day, I’d spend almost the same amount in one week as what the pound of Javatazza cost.  After a week, there was enough of the Javatazza coffee to take me through another week.  So although the outlay was more, the purchase was worth it.  I loved the flavor and enjoyed my coffee so much more because it is so mellow.  And at two weeks, two cups per day that is a total of 28 cups of coffee.  Each cup cost less than 35 cents each!

Making muffins using Jiffy Muffin Mix.

I’ve also started using Jiffy Muffin Mix to make corn muffins or blueberry muffins to go with my coffee.  It’s not fancy gourmet quality but I’m fine with my home made muffins using Jiffy Mix.  Using a small sized muffin tin also helps with portion control.  I’ve spent $2.00-3.50 on oversize muffins often feeling disgusted by the price and the amount I can’t finish.  Even if the flavor is good, the amount left over does not justify how much I spent and how much is leftover.

I like perked coffee much better than coffee from a coffee maker.  If you’d like to try an old school way to make coffee here’s how:

1.  You’ll need a stainless steel or aluminum percolator, one cup measuring cup, measuring spoon for 1 tablespoon, coffee with a grind suitable for percolators.

2.  Measure one cup of cold water for each cup of finished coffee.  Put the water into the coffee pot.

3.  Add one tablespoon of coffee for each cup of water added.  Then add one more tablespoon for a fuller flavored coffee.  I find that for three cups of water I need four tablespoons of the Javatazza coarse ground coffee.  The brand and grind you use may require more or less.

4.  Place the top on the basket and close the top of the percolator.

5.  Put the percolator onto the stove using a medium-low flame.  Keep close to the kitchen to listen for the “perk-perk” sound that starts once the water begins to boil.

6.  As the water boils it rises up the stem, hits the top of the glass and then falls down into the basket where it seeps through the coffee grinds.  Lower the flame a little.  You don’t want the coffee to bubble over and out onto the stove.

7.  Time the coffee to perk 7-8 minutes for a light-medium flavor.  For stronger coffee let it perk for a longer time.  The time may have to be tweaked depending on the grind and brand you choose.

8.  After the coffee has finished perking, shut the flame off and let the pot rest for a minute or two.  Then remove the basket.  Never pour the coffee with the basket still in the percolator.  The brew will become bitter.

Now you can enjoy your coffee in a cup or pack it into a travel mug like the one I got from Birdie at GreenNY.  If you’re at home, you can reheat the coffee later and it will still have a good flavor.  I don’t recommend letting it sit in the pot all day but an extra hour or so is ok.

Use soap and water to clean an aluminum or stainless steel coffee pot instead of Brillo.  Once a week you can soak everything in a mix of baking soda and white vinegar for an hour.  This removes all the oil that builds up on the inside of the basket and percolator.  It will also also leave everything shiny clean.

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You can buy Javatazza coffee in any quantiy you want. I’ve bought 1/2 lb this week for under $5.00.  I shop for it  at Food Dynasty, 7414 Third Avenue in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY.


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