Lunch for $5: Original Pizza in Bay Ridge

I got off the R train on 69th Street and 4th Avenue after a long and slow ride back from Chinatown.  I was very hungry and not in the mood to spend $10 or more on lunch.  I went into Original Pizza for the first time today.  I was not disappointed in the pizza or the service.

The young men who serve at the counter are polite and work quickly to heat and then box your pizza.  If you want to eat in the pizza is put onto a paper plate.  I recommend asking for one of the round metal trays available because it’s so much easier to navigate your way to a table when using the tray.

I ordered two slices of the Grandma Pizza.  The crust was just right.  Crisp but not crunchy and the sauce was mild.  In addition to garlic salt, oregano and red pepper flakes, Original Pizza offers fresh basil leaves for topping your slice.  Today the basil was very fresh with a beautiful fragrance.  It complements the Grandma Pizza very well.  Two slices cost $5.  This was an excellent lunch.

The customers are from the working people and teenagers in the neighborhood.  They stay for a reasonable amount of time and then move on.  I do not think it will be difficult to find a seat on another weekday after 3 p.m.

Original Pizza is located at 6823 Fourth Avenue on the corner of Bay Ridge Avenue.  I highly recommend stopping by if you’re hungry when you get out of the Fourth Avenue Station or get off the bus that stops in front of the check casher across the street.


Note:  This posting is for informational purposes only.  I do not receive any type of remuneration in return for a review.