Lunch in Bay Ridge for $5-8: Happy Garden Chinese Restaurant and Take Out

Happy Garden Restaurant, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY.

On busy days I do not want to cook.  Since I work from home most of the month I make use of the microwave very often.  Yet even then there are dishes to clean up and sometimes the food leaves an odor in the microwave.  That makes yet another thing to clean up!  When I feel this way I head out to get  lunch from Happy Garden Chinese Restaurant.  Their reasonably priced menu keeps me going back.

The Lunch Special menus offers a main dish with choice of different kinds of rice.  You can choose between soup or a can of soda, too.  The price range is between $5-$8.  Most of the items include meat, fish or poultry but there are a few dishes with tofu and vegetables, too.

The a la carte menu has a wider selection of vegetable dishes that range between $5-6 for the pint size portion.  I recommend the Broccoli with Garlic Sauce and Bean Curd Szechuan Style.  Sometimes I order both and have enough left for lunch the next day.

Although pork fried rice and white rice are listed in the menu, you can have brown rice if you ask for it.

Today I ordered one of the “All Day Sandwich Specials” and was not disappointed.  I got the fried fish filet on a soft roll with shredded lettuce.  A side order of fries and a choice of canned soda accompanied the sandwich.  Tartar sauce is provided as well.  The total cost plus tax was $5.25.  The fried fish was very light and the French fries were soft.  If you prefer more crunchy fries I suggest asking the cook to fry them a little longer.  There is also a chicken sandwich available.  If you do not want to drink soda, cans of seltzer are available.

The young women who work the kitchen and counter are pleasant and pack everything very well.  I have never had any food leak.  Happy Garden also does delivery on orders over $7.00

Happy Garden is located at 7211 Third Avenue in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY.


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