Superettes and Mini-Markets of Bay Ridge: Bay Mart

Bay Mart at 6918 Fourth Avenue in Bay Ridge.

I find that I can save money by shopping at the many smaller superettes and mini-markets in Bay Ridge.  This makes weekly shopping more time consuming but the efforts are well worth the money that can be saved.

Bay Mart has fresh bagels and rolls available at 3 for $1.00!  I go there every Saturday and buy 7 bagels for the week ahead.  I freeze them and take them out the night before.  This ensures the bagels will not get moldy if the weather turns hot and humid.  The rolls are also good but I do not recommend freezing them.

White Rose Anti-Bacterial Dish and Hand Washing Liquid.

Many 99 cent stores in this area charge  $1.19 or $1.39 for dishwashing liquid and cleaning products that previously sold for 99 cents.  At Bay Mart two of my favorite brand cleaning products are still available for 99 cents.  White Rose makes a good dishwashing liquid.  I buy their Anti-bacterial soap since it can be used for dishes and washing your hands.  For use as a hand soap I pour some into a pump dispenser.  White Rose also makes a Citrus Blend dishwashing liquid for the same price.

Mistolin Gardenia fragrance all-purpose cleaner.

Mistolin is one of the most fragrant all purpose cleaners I’ve used.  I mix it with water and put it into a mister.  It comes in several scents.  I recommend the Lavendar or the Rose.  I clean the bathroom with it everyday since I enjoy the lingering scent.  During the past weeks of hot and humid weather, Mistolin lived up to its claims of being a product that cleans and deodorizes any surface where it’s used.  I even used it to clean out the plastic pail in the kitchen.  It also cleans bathroom tiles and floors very well, too.

The cashiers and stock clerks are young and friendly which is another reason why I come back to Bay Mart for the items I need.  There is also a small deli counter with an assortment of cold cuts.

Bay Mart is located at 6918 Fourth Avenue in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY.


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