Lunch for under $10 in Bay Ridge: Ben’s Pizza & Restaurant

Ben’s Pizza & Restaurant in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY.

Living in Bay Ridge and staying within a budget is a major challenge but it can be done.  Before going out to lunch in the vicinity of 70th through 86th Streets on Third or Fifth Avenues it pays to do some research.  I find Yelp! helpful because the reviews and price guides help me narrow my focus in the area.  Another thing you can do is compare the menus in the windows of the restaurants and spend some time walking in the area.  Many restaurants also put boards outside featuring their daily specials.

Today I treated myself to pizza at Ben’s Pizza and Restaurant.  I had one slice each of the Fresh Mozzarella and Grandma pizzas.  With a can of seltzer lunch cost  $7.50  The pizza came drizzled with a little bit of olive oil that added a beautiful touch of green color to the red sauce and white cheese.  The crust was crisp but not dry and all the toppings stayed put.  The sauce was sweet. and the cheese mild.  The pizza was very light and I did not feel like I’d indulged too much by having two slices.

Ben’s is located at 8125 Third Avenue in Brooklyn, NY.  They offer free delivery and also do catering.  I highly recommend stopping here if you’re looking to enjoy pleasant service, and good pizza.


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