Crochet thread at 99 cents a spool

The 99 Cents Up & Less store located on Third Avenue between 72nd and 73rd Streets in Bay Ridge is under new management. It is now called Grace Lucas Bay Ridge 99 cents Store and Grocery.   The store now has a better layout with more room to navigate the aisles.  There is even a small assortment of women’s clothing and accessories available.

I’m finally getting back into crocheting 1:6 scale fashions for my Japanese fashion dolls thanks to the lovely crochet threads available at 99 Cents Up & Less.

The colors of this thread are very bright and the texture works out well for the small scale crochet I’m doing.  The silky finish makes it much prettier than the dull flat finish of South Maid no. 7 crochet thread.

The label on the spool has the name “Gold Thread Brand”.  When you go into the store ask for this brand so the cashier can direct you to the shelf it is on.  The spools are small so I’d recommend that if you plan to make something for yourself count on buying several.  If you’re making small scale items like doll clothes one spool will be enough.

The Grace Lucas  Bay Ridge 99 cents and Grocery Store is located at 7219 Third Avenue (bet. 72nd & 73rd Sts.) in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY


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