Deals & Discounts: Excellent source for clothing and housewares

Deals & Discounts
Bay Ridge Store
8701 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209

Nearest Transportation:  R train to 69th Street and Fourth Avenue.

Deals & Discounts in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn offers bargain shoppers some of the best prices around.  It is possible to spend $20 and come out with a complete outfit you can wear on Casual Fridays or on the weekend.  Here’s what a recent expedition yielded for me.

Scoop neck t-shirts with button down front by Arizona Jean Company are available in red, black and golden brown for $3.99 each.  Sizes are Small, Medium and Large.  I got one in black and one in golden brown.  You’ll find many of the t-shirts coordinate well with the wash and wear skirts now in stock.

There are many elastic waist skirts made of nylon or a nylon-poly blend on sale with prices starting at $3.99.  The skirt I bought has a merrowed hemline.  Some skirts do not have finished hems and sell for slightly less.  I recommend checking out the finishes.  It’s better to spend a little more for the finished hem edge since it prevents the fabric from unraveling.  Also it looks so much nicer.  There is no brand label inside of the skirts like the one I bought so I’ve added the picture of the tag that is on the skirt.  I hope this helps you identify these great buys.  There are many prints available besides this one.  Sizes are Small, Medium and Large.

To complete my new casual outfit I added a lacy crocheted shrug by Victoria.  They are available in white, black and natural for $7.99 each for the short sleeve version.  Sizes are Small, Medium and Large.

For lounging around the house or for a quick trip outdoors to do some shopping or run an errand there is nothing like a pair of pajama pants and a tank top.  You can add one of the short sleeve shrugs to complete the look!  All sets come in Small, Medium and Large.  Sets like this one by #followme cost just $4.99 a set.  For the top and bottom that is some buy!  It would cost more to sew up a set like this.  There are many different patterns with coordinating tops in solid colors.

Deals & Discounts also has lingerie, maxi dresses, shorts and tank tops, too.  I highly recommend stopping by.  You’ll get your money’s worth I’m sure.


Please note:  This posting is for informational purposes only.  I am not affiliated with any store or manufacturer.  I have not received any merchandise or discounts in return for this posting.