Indulge in the scent of green tea at bath time!

This past weekend was a preview of the hot summer days ahead.   During the summer fragrances that remind me of fruits or grasses inspire me to think of shady country lanes or napping in a hammock on a lazy afternoon.  With this in mind, I went shopping for bath gel or crème soap with a cool scent and rich lather to use when I take a relaxing bath before settling in for the night. . I spent more than expected but it was a case of “I just have to have this one!”  I bought the Green Tea and Liquorice Shower Cream by Liushen on the basis of the lovely fragrance and the fact that I love the light green colors on the bottle. To get the most out of this shower cream you need to use a net bath sponge like the ones shown here.  Again, I selected these based on the pretty, cool colors.  You only need a little of the shower cream to make enough fragrant lather to clean your whole body. I found my skin very soft and lightly scented after the bath.  Since I only need a little for each bath, the price of $7.99 for this bottle is worth it.  I think I’m set for the summer as far as bath products go. I’d love to find a body lotion in the same scent made by this company.  Let me know if you find it somewhere by leaving a comment to the posting.

I bought the Green Tea and Liquorice Shower Cream at : H.M.Y. Discount Inc. 6926 4th Avenue Bay Ridge Brooklyn, NY 11209 Nearest transportation: RR train to 69th Street/4th Avenue station.

Note:  I am not affiliated with any store and have not received any promotional products in exchange for a review.