Yes, household items are still available for 99 cents each!

I have not had much opportunity lately to shop the many  99 cents stores and variety stores in Bay Ridge.  My work and social schedule have kept me going and going.  I miss a more leisurely pace on weekends where a long stroll can turn into an adventure in bargain shopping.

One thing I have noticed during my daily rounds is an ongoing spike in the price of items at 99 cents stores.  Items now start at $1.09 and increase in increments of 10 and 20 cents.  There are, though, many stores where everyday items can still be had for 99 cents each.  Here are some of my recent finds.

If you enjoy sewing you know how important it is to use a press cloth when steaming seams and darts into place.  The same care is needed with certain fabrics for our everyday clothing.  A press cloth is too heavy for ironing but a protective ironing cloth works out well so long as the iron is not on a very high setting, such as the one used for cotton.  I found this ironing cloth good for nylon slips and cami tops.

This potholder and mitt are good for handling pot and pans that have been heated on top of the stove.  They are lightweight and very soft.  I do not think they would protect from a very hot baking sheet or dish that has been in the oven at a high temperature.  With that in mind I have used them when doing stove top cooking in the mornings and at night.  For the price I’m satisfied with them.

Both of these items are 99 Cents each and  come from:

H.M.Y. Discount Inc.
6926 4th Avenue
Bay Ridge
Brooklyn, NY 11209

Nearest transportation: RR train to 69th Street/4th Avenue station.
Note:  I am not affiliated with any store and have not received any promotional products in exchange for a review.