Winter Weary Footcare

Two weeks ago I stopped by H.M.Y. Discount to see if I could find footcare related products.  The cold winter weather has dried my hands and feet quite a bit.

I was so surprised to find this pumice-stone like product for just 99 cents.  There is no product name on the packaging so you will need to keep the long clear plastic handle in mind when you search the store for it.

I’ve been using it for the past two weeks and am very pleased with it.  The textured part is gentler than an actual pumice stone.  The rough skin does not come off all at once but after a few days I started noticing that the heels of my feet were smoother.

I also bought a jar of Cococare Cream to use after my bath on my hands and feet.  It is non-greasy and you’ll find you don’t have to use a lot for it to be effective.  At $1.79 a jar it is a good buy when more expensive lotions like Jergens or Vaseline Intensive Care do not work.

You will find these products at:

H.M.Y. Discount Inc.
6926 4th Avenue
Bay Ridge
Brooklyn, NY 11209

Nearest transportation: RR train to 69th Street/4th Avenue station.


Note:  I am not affiliated with any store and have not received any promotional products in exchange for a review.