Holiday Greeting Card Sale at Rite Aid: Buy one get 2 more boxes free!!

If you’re a Rite Aid Wellness Cardholder and in the market for reasonably priced holiday greeting cards then hurry down to your local Rite Aid quickly!  The holiday cards shown in this posting are all part of a sale that will delight a bargain shopper.

Wellness Cardholders are eligible to two free boxes of holiday greeting cards when they buy one at Rite Aid.  The two free boxes must be of equal or lesser value than the one being purchased.

The range of cards available is priced as low as $6.99 for a box of 14 cards and as high as $19.99 for a box of cards that are larger in size and include foil lined envelopes.  The variety of greetings and graphics ensure that almost everyone will find a selection they like.

My selection included two boxes of cards with pretty illustrations that are made even more attractive by the glitter used on them.  I also got a box of cards with a photo of a very pretty Christmas wreath.  I had to include the receipt from my purchase to prove to you this sale is for real.

This is a wonderful opportunity to buy extra cards to have on hand when giving a cash gift to a service person or to send to friends or relatives you’d like to reconnect with.  There’s no reason to skimp on sending cards this year when the opportunity to get an extra supply is as easy as purchasing and just paying for one box!

I purchased my cards at the Rite Aid located at 6900 Fourth Avenue near 69th Street in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY.  You can reach this Rite Aid via the R train to 69th Street/4th Avenue.  Their phone number is 718-748-8184.

Note: All cards shown here were created by Pinecone Design Ltd. of Toronto, Canada. They are distributed and sold through Rite Aid.