Little Rugs, Imported Jams & Marmalades, and Household Items

Deal 99 Cents and Up
7019 Third Avenue
Bay Ridge
Brooklyn, NY 11209

Open 7 days a week.
Nearest subway line:  R Train to Bay Ridge Avenue/4th Avenue

I moved into my new apartment in Bay Ridge two weeks ago. During the process of packing I decided to leave many small household items behind. They were old and not worth putting into a box that would increase the count of boxes I already had. More boxes meant extra charges for the move. At that point I decided it made more sense to buy the smaller items needed at local 99 cent stores and variety stores in my new neighborhood.

Deal 99 Cents and Up has a good selection of reasonably priced rugs in small sizes that are perfect in the kitchen, bathroom and at the front entrance way or in a hallway.

My personal preference for small rugs goes towards those with dark background colors and designs consisting of flowers or fruits. This enables me to move them around the apartment so that the look can be varied when the mood suits me. The flowered rugs serve well in the kitchen, bath or entrance way.

The rug shown here is 100% nylon, made in Turkey and measures 18″ x 26″. It cost only $2.99 and comes in other colors with harmonizing borders and design. The ones with a dark red background also caught my eye but I went for this one because it works so well in the kitchen as well as by the entrance door to my apartment. It looks lovely against the polished wood floor or the lino in the kitchen.

Among the grocery items available at Deal 99 Cents and Up are imported marmalades, fruit preserves and jams that are very affordable.

This jar of Orange Marmelade is imported from Italy. The paper cover tied with string around the lid has the lable “L3 2 Mele, Prodotto Artigianale” on it. The marmalade is light, with a sweet orange flavor that is not at all bitter or too sugary. It cost just $1.98

I also got a jar of Frenchie brand Peach Jam, imported from Egypt. The jam is sweet but not in the way American jams are. It tastes good on pancakes and even better on a croissant. The price is $1.49 a jar.

Both the marmelade and peach jam make my tea time an enjoyable one. I recommend checking out the other fruit jams available here as they are all reasonably priced and add that little extra special quality to tea time treats.


Please note: The jams and marmalade written up here are all fresh and not past expiration date.