New Neighborhood and New Shopping Adventures…coming soon!

I am moving, at long last, into a new apartment in mid-September. Once I’m settled in I will begin a new adventure in bargain shopping throughout Bay Ridge, Upper Dyker Heights and when there is time, Bensonhurst.

This little blog has been neglected since earlier this year due to the prolonged efforts to secure a new place to live and downsize the amount of possessions I can bring to my new studio apartment.

During this time I’ve rethought the formatting and presentation for the blog. There will now be photos of the stores along with complete contact and location information at the start of each posting. If there is public transport nearby I will also make mention of that.

I’m very excited about the new apartment and locale. Stay tuned…there will be more postings come the autumn. In the meantime, there is one more posting about a favorite food store and deli in my current neighborhood of Boro Park.