Spring into a new you!

Spring is finally here! All the heavy layers of clothing worn during the bitterly cold winter of late 2013 to early 2014 are no longer needed. Not having to wear a hat outdoors or a headscarf indoors feels as good, especially when a warm, Spring breeze is blowing. I love the feeling of movement and lightness these Springtime walks have.

I also looked into the mirror and realized it’s been weeks since I colored my hair!

And was I ever surprised at how the prices of haircoloring sold as supermarkets and chain drug stores is going up, up and away! When a hair color or color mousse carries a price tag of $15 and up it’s time to start looking elsewhere. For me, there are some weeks where $15-20 is half of my weekly grocery outlay (I’m a vegetarian and eat very simply).

True Color by Lucky.

I’ve seen the True Color line by Lucky at supermarkets and some 99 cent stores selling for $1.99 and up. Yesterday I found it at a price even lower than that at BJ99, 99cents and Up Discount Store in Dyker Heights. I decided to give this product a try. I’ve used less expensive hair coloring products like Revlon’s ColorSilk and had very good results. I do not think the Lucky True Color product will disappoint because I use this company’s lines of liquid hand soaps and hand lotions and am very satisfied.

I think most of the expense attached to the more upscale hair coloring products have to do with the Research and Development costs incurred to develop new modes of hair coloring that require special dispenser bottles and which utilize new forms like mousse or foam and have shorter development times. Then there is the beautiful packaging where a generous amount of cardboard is used to display the glossy photos of how you’re hair will look after using the product. While all this newness leads to shorter developing times and more convenience, I’ve actually found that the more expensive products like Perfect 10, which colors and covers gray in only 10 minutes, dry my hair out more than the less expensive ColorSilk by Revlon.

Contents of the True Color hair coloring kit. Left to right: The box, the color cream, developer, instructions. Front: Conditioner packet, plastic hair coloring gloves.

I plan to give my roots a chance to grow in a little more so that I can better judge the quality of coverage Lucky’s True Color gives. I’d be interested in hearing from anyone else who has used this product how well it worked for them and what the price runs in their area.

I bought my box of Lucky’s True Color at BJ99, 99 cents and Up Discount Store located at 7111 13th Avenue in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Important note: I am not affiliated with any manufacturer or store. The purpose of this blog is informational, to inform readers of what is available at reasonable prices in Brooklyn, N.Y. Different people have different reactions to hair coloring and cosmetics. Know your skin type and sensitivities. Always do a patch test before using a new brand of hair coloring.