Spring Cleaning, Part 1

Every year, as soon as Spring as firmly established its presence with warmer days conducive to long walks, I head up to Dyker Heights to check out the 99 cents stores along 13th Avenue.

First, the exercise does me a world of good after winter months in which my outings are limited to within a few blocks in Boro Park. Second, it gives me a chance to check out any new stores that have opened up and make note of stores that have closed up or moved away.

This past Saturday, I found my Spring cleaning supplies at BJ99 99 cents and Up Discount Store. I hadn’t planned to make this store the first stop. The variety of merchandise offered, though, made it worthwhile to go into the store and shop. The prices, too, make the experience easier.

The only drawback in BJ99 is the presence of the New York State Lotto machine. Often there are people crowding near the register with only one focus: redeeming a winning ticket or buying another ticket. Sometimes there are so many that the shoppers end up waiting for a long time.

When I went this past Saturday, I was thankful that there were only 2 people buying Lotto tickets. This left the front of the store easy to get through and shop in the aisles and the back room.

Dust Wand from Pride Products.

This dust wand from Pride Products sells for $3.69 and is well worth the money. I’ve already used it to dust off the woodwork near the floor, around the doors and also the ornamental molding in my foyer and living room. It picks up stray hair and dust that the electric broom does not. I’m sure I’ll find other uses for it. I’m happy it’s working out so well because I really do not like the bending and kneeling down that cleaning woodwork involves.

Static Duster.

I was very happy to find this Static Duster for only $1.00! The static duster is good for cleaning wicker bookcases, baskets and furniture. I often use a static duster in between weeks when I’ve given the furniture a good dusting with a treated dust cloth. The static dusters are lightweight and do not require the kind of elbow and wrist motions a more serious cleaning of furniture requires. They do a good jog of top cleaning.

Feather duster by My Helper.

For cleaning little figurines and collectibles with lots of surface details a feather duster is a good choice to use on a regular basis. It will remove surface dust in a short amount of time. I also use a feather duster like this to clean out the inside of the curio cabinet my later Mom left me. It’s light enough to do an adequate job of keeping things clean when I don’t have time to remove everything, wipe it off and get into the inside of the curio cabinet with a treated dustcloth. This feather duster by My Helper costs $1.39

BJ99 99 cents and Up Discount Store is located at 7111 13th Avenue in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, N.Y. All sales are final.

Note: I do not have a relationship to any manufacturer or store mentioned in the postings. No goods or services are received for any product I mentioned in the postings.