Spring returns…and so does bargain shopping in Brooklyn!

The temps have finally gone up a bit and at long last I can go out and hunt for bargains again. I’ve spoken to my neighbors and, like me, they kept their outdoor activities to only what was essential once the severe cold weather set in shortly after New Year’s 2014.

In the next series of postings I’m going to show off what I got during a visit to the New Utrecht Aveune 99 cents and Up store on Saturday, April 6th.

Hallmark Easter Card Pack.

Right now I want to let everyone know that Wonderland Card Shop in Dyker Heights is still open while they continue to liquidate all their remaining stock. They are selling a good selection of Hallmark Easter Cards at 50% off. I got this 6 card pack of Hallmark Easter cards for half off the regular price of $5.99.

Wonderland Card Shop is located at 6424 11th Avenue on the corner of 65th Street in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn.

In addition to the wide selection of cards still available, there are now some Lenox Disney collectible figurines along with a few Madame Alexander and Barbie collectible dolls on sale at 50% off their original prices.