Greet your new neighbor with a cup of coffee

Two weeks ago, I met the new tenants who will move into the apartment above mine next month. They impressed me with their sincerity as hard working people who are serious about making a nice home for themselves in this building. After experiencing many ups and downs with the previous two tenants that got evicted I feel like this brother and sister are going to become my very good neighbors as well as tenants in this building.

On the day they move in, or the day after that depending on how busy things are upstairs, I plan to bring them a little housewarming gift of these coffee mugs and tray. Their will also be hot coffee and buttered rolls to accompany it. I think this will be a nice way for them to take a break from all the hard work of unpacking and setting up their furniture and belongings.

The ceramic coffee mugs are by Pride Products. The plastic tray is made by Creative Expressions. They are currently available for $1.29 each at the New Utrecht Avenue 99 cents and Up store.

These colors go with the kitchen cabinets in the upstairs apartment so I hope my new neighbors will like them and enjoy using them.

New Utrecht 99 cents and Up Store is located at 4819 New Utrecht Avenue, between 48th and 49th Streets, in Boro Park, Brooklyn, N.Y.