Wonderland Card Shop: Final Sales 50-80% off before the shop closes

Wonderland Card Shop has been a part of my life ever since my family moved to the section of Dyker Heights where the store is located on 11th Avenue and 65th Street. Even after my parents divorced and my Mom and I moved to Boro Park we always went back there for holiday cards and gift purchases.

We enjoyed going there through the years and purchasing collectibles by Holly Hobbie, Mary Hamilton or Thomas Kincaid. There was never a need to go anywhere else, that is how good the selection was. There were even greeting cards imported from Italy that were a nice touch to send to my Grandparents when they were alive.

The owners will be closing the store once their stock is liquidated. All merchandise, except for Papyrus cards and stationery, is marked down 50-80%.

There are still Precious Moments collectibles and some Barbie collectible dolls, too.

The Pop Shop 3-d cards shown in this posting originally retailed for $6.00 but are now on sale for $3. I bought a few to send to my relatives once Spring arrives and Easter is near.

In recent years I have shopped for greeting cards at Pathmark Supermarket, Rite Aid Drugs, Wahlgreens and CVS Pharmacy once the prices of Hallmark Cards began to go over $10 a box. It was more a matter of economics and tight budgeting that forced this choice. I think the competition from the larger chain and grocery stores has impacted on the business done by smaller, independently owned card and gift stores. Also, in the past 20 years the growth of 99 cent stores and variety shops has also offered lower priced alternatives for the budget minded shopper.

Still, there is the quality and limited availability of collectibles such as those in the Mary Hamilton, Precious Moments and Holly Hobbie series that will never be available in the 99 cent stores or large chain stores. That is why I’m glad my late Mom purchased these precious and special keepsakes of our holidays and celebrations together.

Wonderland Card Shop will be missed. I personally wish the owners the best of health and good fortune whatever they do next.

Wonderland Card Shop is at 6424 11th Avenue, at the corner of 65th Street, in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, NY. They are opened Monday-Saturday. Their telephone number is 718) 680-5154.


2 thoughts on “Wonderland Card Shop: Final Sales 50-80% off before the shop closes

  1. Wonderland Card Shop looks like it was a wonderful store. It’s always a little bittersweet to get a good deal on a product due to the upcoming closure of the store.

    • Sheryl, you are so right. It is bittersweet. For the past 6 years I could not patronize the shop due to this bad economy and my budgeting. Even though I did buy lower priced items at Wahlgreens and Rite-Aid, I always went back to Wonderland when I’d saved up enough for a special keepsake or greeting card. The difference between Wonderland and the Big Chain Stores is that the greeting cards at the latter often veer towards dumb or crass humor. There just is not the special touch to the selections available. Wonderland was a small, family owned shop with a unique feeling and atmosphere. Big Chain Stores will never have that. This is part of the changes taking place little by little here. Smaller, unique shops close after 20+ years in business. The newcomers have not survived in this economy. The bigger retailers come in and it’s the same boring stuff like you see in Manhattan.

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