Affordable Lingerie

I used to shop at Victoria’s Secret without thinking twice about the cost of the lingerie I was buying. With this prolonged recession I have had to rethink how I spend my money. One thing I will not do is spend more on what I wear underneath the clothing and outerwear I have bought since adhering to a strict budget for my clothes.

I’m able to do this because I have no special needs that would require me to buy more expensive lingerie. I’m not allergic to any synthetic fibers and do not have any special physical needs that require a special type of support lingerie.

Pink & Blue Boutique in Sunset Park has a small but very colorful selection of bras, cami bras and panty girdles at very affordable prices.

Panty Girdles by Wacoii.

I got three panty girdles made by Wacoii for $10 at the Black Friday sale Pink & Blue had after Thanksgiving 2013.

Close-up of Wacoii panty girld with hidden money pockets.

These panty girdles offer light support and a smooth look when worn under tailored slacks. What I especially like are the hidden money pockets at the sides of each panty girdle. I am making very good use of these special hiding places for emergency money, especially on the days when I must commute to the head office of the company I’m on assignment at. It’s a long trip that requires me to take the New York City Subway, and then New Jersey Transit. Given how crowded Penn Station is, where I get the train to New Jersey, you can never be too careful with your pocketbook and possessions.

Turquoise and Hot Pink Cami Bras by Valerie. Champagne Cami Bra by Sylvia.

One of my favorite discoveries during my trip to Pink & Blue in mid-January 2014 were these lace covered cami bras. When wearing a sweater with a low neckline they give the appearance of having a cami on underneath. And even if they’re worn under a bulky sweater or layers of tops and shirts, it feels so pretty to have that touch of lace underneath. These bras run less than $5 each. They come in colors close enough to go with the panty girdles so that you can create a matching look. Or you can mix and match for fun.

Staying on a budget for clothing and lingerie is hard work but if you check out the stores along 5th Avenue in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY you’ll be able to keep to that budget and have money for other things, too.

Pink & Blue is located at 5522 Fifth Avenue in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, N.Y. The sales staff speaks English, Spanish and Arabic. Debit and major credit cards are accepted.

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