Bargain Shopping in Sunset Park: Pink & Blue Boutique

I have not had much chance to update this blog due to work schedule and the wintry weather. The recent icy temps have limited my activities.

On Black Friday after Thanksgiving 2013 and just yesterday, January 11th, 2014, I went to Pink & Blue Boutique in Sunset Park to shop for updated clothing to add to my working wardrobe. Most of my office clothes and shoes date back to 2008 which was the last time I worked in a corporate setting.

Since then I’ve been employed as a Virtual Assistant for a software developer. I commute to the bricks and mortar location about twice a month. The dress code is more relaxed and the few outfits I had in that style are now looking worn as well as out-of-date.

Pink & Blue is always my first go-to place whenever I need a serious update or additions to my wardrobe. The price range is very, very reasonable. Many items have the original price tags on them displaying a higher retail price. Shoes and lingerie are also available here.

The sales staff are multi-lingual and will go that extra mile to get the clothing and shoes for you, as well as advise a customer on pieces that go well together. Here are the recent purchases that will update my look for 2014. In my next post I’ll show the tailored slacks I bought there.

This glittery knit pullover comes complete with a necklace. It costs $18.99 and is also available in blue and mauve.

Unlined pencils skirts (mini and knee length) are available and priced in the $20 range. Many skirts come with a belt.

The latest styles in shoes are available in a price range from $15 and up. I bought these wedgies along with a pair of ankle boots (not shown) on sale at 2 for $30.

Flared and gored skirts that go anywhere from below knee to mid-calf length are also available. They fall within the $20 price range and many come with belts.

Pull overs in a variety of styles with different necklines and collars can be found in many colors. Prices range from $10 and up.

Many styles of cardigans, sweaters and shrugs are available that coordinate very well with the skirts, blouses and slacks available at the store. Sweaters can start at $10 when on sale and $15 (and up) at other times

Pink & Blue is located at 5522 Fifth Avenue in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, N.Y. The sales staff speaks English, Spanish and Arabic. Debit and major credit cards are accepted.

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