New Year Calendars for Gift Giving

A calendar with pretty photos can make a very cheerful addition to a gift bag for the holidays. I like to include one along with a card and a small cash gift to the delivery and service people who have provided excellent customer service to me throughout the year.

“Floral Delights” calendar by Pride Products.

Back of “Floral Delights” calendar previewing the photos for each month.

This year I found many excellent wall calendars for 2014 at several Boro Park 99 cent stores. In the end I chose two calendars made by Pride Products for my own use and as gifts for the mailman, the deliveryman from the supermarket as well as my neighbors. Along with a holiday card, I include a small cash gift or a $10 or 20 gift card from the local Pathmark. The “Floral Delights” calendar is, I think, a very cheerful way to bring in the New Year, especially during the stark month of January.

“Countryside: calendar by Pride Products.

Back of the “Countryside” calendar with previews of the illustrations for each month of the year.

The “Countryside” calendar by Pride is my favorite and I bought one for my workroom. The illustrations share a theme of gates, paths, and gardens. Each illustration speaks to me of a lovely spot in which one can retreat and recollect themselves amidst the beauties of nature.

Each of these calendars costs $1.29 but looks much more expensive. I recommend checking out local variety stores, 99 cent stores and discount stores in your own area for such calendars. You’ll probably find one to your own liking, as well. Plus it is a good way to start out the New Year by saving the extra money you would have spent on a more expensive calendar from a brand name card shop.

I bought mine at Chen’s Discount Store located on the corner of 55th Street and New Utrecht Avenue in Boro Park, Brooklyn, N.Y.