Holiday Card Shopping at Wahlgreens

I love to get greeting cards during the holiday season. There is something very satisfying in receiving a card that someone has taken the time to buy, write a few lines in and then mail out. I also love to consider what kinds of cards my family, friends and wider circle of acquaintances would like.

As clever as e-cards can be, the memory of them fades when one is not on-line to view them. And unless they are printed out and entered to a scrap book or photo album, they quickly end up below the other emails that come into the Inbox each day.

I decided to challenge myself and limit spending on holiday cards to under $25 for all the cards I need to buy. This was also a good way to get motivated to take a long walk up to Dyker Heights.

I decided to pass on Hallmark and Papyrus boxed holiday cards. For $15 and up I could get some pretty Hallmark cards with foil lined envelopes but there would not be enough for all the people on my holiday card mailing list. Papyrus has some very sparkly cards, too. But again price was a big factor with me because I also have to figure in postage for mailing out the cards and that could well be another $20.

Cards by Image Arts.

I stopped by Wahlgreens on 13th Avenue and 70th Street to buy some personal care products. I wandered over to the first aisle and behind a stack of boxes found a display of boxed holiday cards that looked similar to the artwork on the Hallmark cards I’ve bought in the past.

I picked up the box of cards in the photo above. The photo does not capture how prettily the glitter sparkles on the card. For 16 cards like this I thought the price would be at least $15.00.

I was very surprised at the price: only $5.99! This box of cards quickly went into my basket.

Boxed set of assorted holiday cards by Image Arts.

I would still be able to buy another box of cards so I checked out the other offerings from Image Arts. This set of different winter scenes really hit the spot. I know some people who raise birds and others who like to ski. The variety in this boxed set will enable me to choose appropriate cards for some of the people on my list. The price for this assortment is only $3.99. I happily put this box into my basket, too.

I highly recommend anyone heading up to Dyker Heights to check out the Image Arts cards available at Wahlgreens. They quality is very similar to Hallmark and the prices are very friendly to your pocketbook. There are also cards with heavy embossing and foil lined envelopes but nothing goes over $10 or so. It’s best to shop for these cards soon because I think once the display is made more prominent in this Wahlgreens the cards will quickly sell out.

Wahlgreens I visited is at 7002 13th Avenue near 70th Street in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, NY.


Note: I am not affiliated with any store or manufacturer.


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    • Thank you! And I agree. They remind me of the little figurines called “Hummels” that were popular in the 1950s. Hope your Thanksgiving was very happy.

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