Aromatherapy…on a budget, Part 2

I love to have a trace of fragrance fill the air whenever I open the dresser drawers to select stockings, pullovers or pajamas.

Strongly scented potpourris make me sneeze or worse, compete with any perfume or eau de toilette I use after I am dressed. Instead, I use bath soaps that have a light and feminine floral fragrance as a substitute for lingerie or dresser drawer potpourri.

At the supermarket there are still many old fashioned soaps available that our mothers and grandmothers (maybe even great-grandmothers, too) used in the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s and beyond. Brands such as Camay, Cashmere Bouquet, and Lavendar by Yardley London can be used for the nostalgia factor.

I’ve recently found some soaps that are lower priced than what is available in the supermarkets. They do a good job of providing a pleasant fragrance to the dresser drawers, as well as the storage boxes where out of season clothing is stored in.

Lux soaps made in Egypt. Fragrances are “Aromatic Radiance” (purple) and “Rose Velvet” (pink).

Some of the richest fragrances are among brand name soaps made in Egypt or the Middle East. I got two bars of Lux soap which I’m tucking in amongst my summer dresses and tops that I’m now putting away for the winter.

The description on the box of “Aromatic Radiance” radiance soap states that it contains “scented oil and Lotus flower essence”. The fragrance is very mild and pleasant. “Rose Velvet” contains “rose extract and almond oil”. The rose fragrance is very light. Both soaps are slightly slippery so I wrapped them in some tissue paper before tucking them into my clothes in the storage boxes.

Last year I used Yardley’s Lavendar soap amongst my summer nightgowns and t-shirts. When I took them out this past June for wearing they had a slightly pleasant scent of the lavender still about them.

Using a scented soap instead of a potpourri is also more economical. The Lux soaps I’m using cost $1.00 for 2 bars.

I bought the Lux soaps shown above at: Chen’s Discount Store, New Utrecht Avenue and 55th Street, Boro Park, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Note: I am not affiliated with any store or manufacturer.