Bargain shopping for lingerie for retro inspired outfits

I am very happy that I can once again spend time on designing and sewing women’s clothing inspired by the very feminine styles of the 1920s – 1960s. Creating retro inspired fashions requires consideration of what is worn underneath the garments. Since retro styled clothing is more structured than what is manufactured today, it is necessary to have lingerie that adds even a light to moderate amount of shaping to the body.

I’ve been surfing the specialty lingerie shops online for lingerie that will provide the shaping needed to wear the more structured styles of the 1950s. Bullet bras, waspies, and boned girdles can be very expensive, sometimes costing more than the entire outlay for fabrics and accessories for an outfit. With a little creativity and careful shopping I decided to work with what is available to me and my budget, adapting the designs I create to the modern offerings in lingerie. I believe it is possible to find modern day lingerie that will help me achieve a shapely silhouette without the constriction of heavily boned corsetry and the expense this kind of lingerie entails.

Convertible bra by Te Amo.

To ease into the transition from stretch bras to those with underwire and boning, I decided to buy a convertible bra. It is lightly padded with flexible underwiring which is a good way to become accustomed to more structured undergarments.

Panty girdle by Cherry Blossoms.

I then chose a very lightweight panty girdle made of spandex and cotton with a center control panel. A lightweight girdle helps a pencil skirt flow smoothly over the waist and hips. I discussed my choices with the saleswoman at the shop where I bought this lingerie. She advised me that it is important to buy girdles that go all the way up to the natural waistline, otherwide the pantyline will be visible through the sleek fit of a pencil skirt. This would ruin the look of the entire lower part of the outfit.

Pantyhose in shades of nude, coffee, tan, and light black can be worn instead of seamed stockings, The texture and a faint sheen to the pantyhose will bring more of a retro feeling to the outfit.

Seamed stockings also can be expensive. One alternative is to shop for pantyhose that have a slight sheen and are a little thicker than the usual sheers.

The lingerie shown here was purchased for a total outlay of only $13.00 from Jason’s at 5018 Fifth Avenue, Sunset Park, Brooklyn, N.Y. I think my new purchases will do a good job of shaping and providing support under fitted garments while allowing me the freedom of movement I need as I go about my daily activities.


Note: I am not affiliated with any store or manufacturer. These items were purchased by me for my personal use. No goods were received in return for a posting at my blog.