Things for kids to do on a hot day

I think one of the nicest things to have on hand when children come to visit are small, inexpensive toys and games which they get to take home when the visit is over.

Gift bag for a little boy who likes arts and crafts.

The child will feel special and welcomed. He or she will also have something to occupy their time in a purposeful and educational way when the emphasis is on arts and crafts, puzzles or certain games. They can also have fun with coloring books, crayons and sketch pads.

I think that it’s very important to give children time away from computers and all manner of tech gadgets so that they have one-to-one experiences with various artistic materials. They also need time to use their minds and senses independently.

A gift bag of hair accessories, pocket mirror, journal and colorful pencils for a little girl learning how to write. She also has great interest in styling her hair.

The contents of the gift and goodie bags shown here all came from Variety Stores or 99 cents Stores. The total cost for each bag was under $8-10 each. I recommend using the 99 cents stores as a resource for inexpensive arts and crafts supplies as well as card and board games to be used in this kind of a goodie bag for a child.

During the visit you can ask to see how the child is making progress in the puzzle, or how they have colored their picture or written their name. Finger paints and water colors are also creative tools to stimulate their imaginations.

Other inexpensive items that would be good for a child which are available at 99 cents stores are jump ropes, hula hoops, and small rubber balls that can be used to play catch. Supervised play time with such things will give the children the physical activity they need as well as get them to be out of doors on a nice day.


Please note: I am not affiliated with any store or manufacturer.


2 thoughts on “Things for kids to do on a hot day

  1. When my children were small one of their great aunt’s used to always give each of them a small toy whenever they visited. The toys always were inexpensive, but some of them became family favorites.

    • Your Great Aunt must have been very sweet and thoughtful. Was she related through your Grandmother Helena? And yes, it’s so true you never know which toy a child will like best.

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