My New Pocketbook: It only cost $1.50!

I’ve been looking for a small pocketbook to go with the sun dresses and shrugs I bought over Memorial Day Weekend.

At some variety stores I’ve found pretty vinyl shoulder bags that ranged in price from $15-20. One store had a very pretty straw shoulder bag but the price was $30. Definitely not what I had in mind.

What I needed was a small pocketbook to hold my wallet, keys and sunglasses. I thought that is all I need when going grocery shopping or out for a walk. And it had to coordinate with my sundresses.

Vinyl and fabric pocketbook from JJ 99 cents and Up Store. This side of the pocketbook goes well with the peach colored shrug.

I found the perfect little pocketbook at JJ 99 Cents and Up Store on 11th Avenue in Dyker Heights. It has a different photo collages on each side. I selected the one that picked up the colors of the shrugs I bought to go with my sundresses. The side shown above looks good with the peach color shrug.

The other side of the pocketbook. The beige, tan and golden colors look good with the dull khaki shrug and the serpentine green/brown sundress.

When I use the pocketbook with the other side showing it goes well with the dark brown/serpentine dress I wear with the khaki shrug. I thought that although a solid color pocketbook would have been more fashionable, this one is fun and that was the whole idea about putting together a hot weather wardrobe out of whatever I could find for under $10 each item.

JJ 99 Cents and Up store is on the corner of 64th Street and 11th Avenue in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, NY. For the type of pocketbook shown here the price is $1.50 each. There are different collages and different color combinations in each collage so take your time to browse through what is available.

The pocketbook is made from a canvas like fabric with a soft vinyl strap. Inside there is a dull satin-like lining and also a small zippered pocket. The pocketbook closes with a zipper.


Please note: I am not affiliated with any store or manufacturer.