Dry Dust Cloths: Name Brands, Store Brands and Discount Store Finds

Two weeks ago I decided not to buy Swiffer brand dry dusting cloths for cleaning the floor. A box is going upwards of $7.00 and I thought that is the cut-off point for me. I purchased a box of Pathmark’s America’s Choice Vanilla-Lavendar scented dry dusting cloths for a little less than $4.00. The quality is comparable to Swiffers and they do a very good job for use on the floor or for dusting off the furniture, shades or windowsills.

After I’d brought that haul home from the supermarket, I went up to 11th Avenue in Dyker Heights. On my way to the bank I stopped by JJ 99 Cents and Up Store on the corner of 11th Avenue and 64th Street. I could not believe what I found there.

Amazing Wipes, $1.00 a box at JJ 99 Cents and Up Store, 11th Avenue and 65th Street, Dyker heights, Brooklyn, NY.

On the last shelf of the middle aisle were two dented boxes of “Amazing Wipes” for $1.00 each. The description of this product says that these dry dust cloths can be used to clean floors or dust furniture. I decided to buy both boxes and give them a try.

The Amazing Wipes are made by Pride Products and are much lighter in texture than Swiffers or America’s Choide dry dust cloths. However, they do a very good job of picking up lint, hair and dust from the floor. I consider them good for everyday use and definitely worth looking for.

I did notice that the textured surface of Swiffers and America’s Choice dry dust cloths pick up much more grimy dust than the Amazing Wipes. This doesn’t mean, though, that I would discount or bypass the Amazing Wipes if I find them again.

Instead, I’m going to use the Amazing Wipes for a daily dusting of the kitchen and bathroom floors. I plan to use the America’s Choice textured dry dust cloths before I mop the kitchen floor each week to pick up the extra kind of grimy dust that comes in from a parking lot next door. By alternating the use of each type of dry dust cloth I will save the more expensive ones for special clean-ups and use the Amazing Wipes for everyday use.