Store Brand Foods

In order to save money and eat more sensibly I have given up all cookies and cakes make by nationally known bakers like Pepperidge Farm, Keeblers, Nabisco and Entenmans. When I noticed a few years ago that a box of cake or cookies ofiten sells in the $3-5 range I started looking for other foods to have as a snack.

Instant oatmeal packets taken from boxes for store brands America’s Choice, White Rose and Krasdale.

I found that when I am very busy with work or have only limited time for preparing a snack, a bowl of instant oatmeal with fruit flavors, raisins or spices is a very good alternative to cake or cookies.

I always buy the store brand of instant oatmeal. Recently I noticed that the packaging for Krasdale, White Rose and America’s Choice instant oatmeal is the same. Although the outer packaging is different, the enclosed individual packets of oatmeal have exactly the same instructions, graphics and type of paper used. The instant oatmeal is good enough for the price. A box contains 10 packets and usually costs $2.59 a box. When these brands are on sale the price can go as low as $1.99

The benefits of oatmeal are well known: it can lower cholesterol, is a heart healthy food and these brands do not use any high fructose corn syrup. The oatmeal is already sweetened enough and tastes good with lots of milk. This is also a good start to the morning for those who do not like to cook a big breakfast. With a glass of orange juice or cup of coffee and a slice of toast a person is off to a good start for the day.

Having a good breakfast at home also ensures you may spend less money on the way to work. Having already eaten you may be able to bypass overpriced, flavored coffees and the oversized muffins and bagels sold with it.