Office Supplies at your nearest 99 cent store

If you need basic office supplies like envelopes, notepads, pencils, staples, staplers, and pens I highly recommend you check out a nearby 99 cents store or variety store before heading to a big chain like Staples.

As a self-employed Administrative Assistant, I’m very conscious of getting the most I can for whatever I pay in relation to my office supplies. I used to go to the 99 cents store only for cleaning supplies but now I also shop for the basic office supplies, too. I only order from Staples or Reliable Office Supplies when I need a computer related item or things like desk lamps.

10 x 13 envelopes, 2 per package, by StaPro.

I recently had to mail out 10 documents and needed only that amount of 10 x 13 envelopes. I thought that buying them at one of the local 99 cents stores was a good move since I did not have to buy a large box with 25 or more envelopes. These envelopes by StaPro came two per package for a price of 99 cents.

Invisible Tape, 6 rolls per pack and StaPro One Hole Paper Punch.

I rarely buy Scotch Brand Invisible Tape anymore when the 6 roll pack of 3/4″ x 500″ tape I can get at the 99 cents stores near me does just as good a job. I also got a very light One Hole Paper Punch that works well for my purposes. The 6 pack of tape and the one hold punch were $1.00 each.

Pack of 20 plastic Sheet Protectors by StaPro. Three ring binder with lightweight plastic cover.

Sheet protectors in letter size (8 1/2 x 11) are also available at many 99 cent stores at prices ranging from $1.00-$1.49. The ones I got were made by StaPro and were $1.00 for a packet of 20. These sheet protectors will hold two pages easily. Lightweight plastic binders range from $1.49-$2.59 depending on the height and number of rings. This 3 ring binder cost $1.50.

One of the best things about shopping for basic office supplies at a nearby variety or 99 cents store is the speed with which you can obtain the needed items and get back to your business activities. There will also be money left to put aside for the postage to mail documents or even a cup of a special blend of coffee as a reward for a job well done.