Saving Money with Store Brands

A good way to save money on food and household items is to buy the store brand or private label brand available at the supermarket.

White Rose 18 oz. Corn Flakes and White Rose 13 oz. Crisp Rice Cereals.

With the cost of name brand cereals made by Post and Kelloggs going over $3.00 a box or more I’ve decided that fancy graphics and cute cartoon characters are not reasons for spending more than I should on a cereal. I’ve started buying the White Rose brand of cereals when they are on sale at Scaturro’s Supermarket. The sale price is usually $1.99 a box so I stock up on two boxes at a time of either Corn Flakes or Crisp Rice.

One thing I do recommend when buying store brand cereals, especially when they are this reasonably priced, is to check the ingredients to ensure they do not have any High Fructose Corn Syrup. This ingredient is known to stimulate the appetite and causes a person to eat more than they would normally want. It is one of the causes of obesity today and should be avoided even if it means bypassing a food item on sale. I am happy to see that White Rose does not use High Fructose Corn Syrup in their Corn Flakes and Crisp Rice cereals. This will make me come back to their product again when it is on sale.

White Rose Heavy Duty Liquid Laundry Detergent.

I’m not an enthusiast of the super concentrated brands of liquid laundry detergent that cost over $6-8 for a small bottle. Recently, Scatturo ran a 2 for $5 sale on White Rose laundry detergent and for that price I’m very satisfied with the results of using this product. Since I only launder clothes for myself I think that by the time both bottles are finished, there will be another sale where I can buy these again.

In future postings I plan to write about other store brands like America’s Choice or private label brands like Krasdale as I continue to explore ways to enjoy favorite foods without spending an unreasonable amount of money because of packaging and marketing costs added in.

Scatturo Supermarket announces the sales for White Rose products in their weekly circular which is available each Thursday.

Scatturo Supermarket where I shop is located in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, NY at 6301 11th Avenue.


Please note: I am not associated with any store or manufacturer.


2 thoughts on “Saving Money with Store Brands

  1. I used to think that some of the name-brand laundry detergents got my clothes cleaner than some of the store brands, but I haven’t noticed a difference in recent years and now just buy the store brand.

    • It’s all about the marketing! It took me some time to get over name brand preferences, too. I plan to address that in future posts about store brands.

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