Hallmark Cards’ 99 cents line

There are times that 99 Cents Stores do not have exactly the type of greeting card I’m looking for. That’s when I’ll search around the neighborhood for gift shops that offer a wider variety.

It was a very pleasant discovery when I visited the Wonderland Card Shop in Dyker Heights this past Saturday. They still offer Halllmark’s line of 99 cents greeting cards. This line offers great quality for the budget minded shopper. There are cards for birthdays, anniversaries, get well wishes and weddings, to name a few.

Hallmark greeting card with Blue Mountain Arts wallet card from Wonderland Card Shop.

I have not been able to visit a friend who lives in a nursing home since Easter. To stay in touch and let her know I’m thinking about her I selected a very cute greeting card from Hallmark’s 99 cent line. While these cards do not have the fancy sparkles and poetic language of the higher priced greeting cards, I find the low key effect of the 99 cents line just right for my purposes.

Since I saved money on the greeting card I was able to get a Blue Mountain Arts Wallet Card for $2.25. The wallet card had a lovely poem about angels, something my friend would enjoy. She has a bulletin board in her room at the nursing home so I’m pretty sure she’ll put the greeting card and the wallet card on it.

The Hallmark 99 cents line of cards is all the way at the back of the store so make sure to look for it when you visit Wonderland and want to get a reasonably priced greeting card.

Wonderland Card Shop is located at 6424 11th Avenue (at the corner of 65th Street) in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, N.Y.