Simple Skincare for Summer…on a budget

Lucky Brand Body Powder and Body Wash.

Here in Brooklyn it’s definitely looking and feeling like early Summer. Right now the weather is warm and dry but sooner or later the humidity and temps will rise. I frequently cool off during the hot and humid days by taking a quick bath in tepid water. Along with drinking lots of water I find that’s a good way to stay cool.

Pathmark Supermarket has a $1.00 section where many personal care items are available. I’ve noticed that at some 99 cents & Up stores similar products are going for about $1.29-$1.59 so I’m now going to Pathmark first for such personal care items as the ones made by Lucky brand.

The Lucky SuperSoft Body Wash in Ocean Fresh fragrance is becoming one of my favorites. I’ve found using a bath sponge necessary to get the most lather. My skin feels very clean and the light fragrance is very refreshing. After bath I make sure to follow up with lotion. Then I use a powder. Instead of buying baby powder I selected the Lucky SuperSoft Body Powder in Cool Water fragrance. I wasn’t disappointed. The powder blends onto the skin easily, even without a puff.

There are other fragrances for the Lucky SuperSoft Body Wash and Body Powder such as lavender. There are also some fruity fragrances for the body wash, too.

Pathmark Supermarket at the Fairmont Mini Mall is located in Boro Park, Brooklyn, NY at 13th Avenue and 60th Street.


Please note: I am not affiliated with any store or manufacturer.