Pretty Summer Oufits for Under $10.00

I like to have one or two sundresses and a girly pair of flip-flops to wear when running errands or shopping in the neighborhood during the hot weather. Having a colorful outfit that requires minimal care and time to pull together makes me enjoy dressing up even when it’s humid outside.

Tag on Sundress by Magi.

Mini-Max in Sunset Park had many pretty skirts, dresses and blouses on sale today. They also had sundresses at prices that made buying just one impossible.

Label inside peach colored shrug by Contact. Tag is also shown.

And then there were very sweet stretch lace shrugs that worked well with the sundresses. The colors weren’t exactly a match but seemed to go together well enough for me. At these prices I don’t want to be so fussy I miss out on the possibilities having a few separates can add to an outfit.

Sundress by Magi with Lace Shrug by Contact.

The sundresses were all $2.99 each and are available in an assortment of prints. Sizes range from Small, Medium, Large and some Extra Large. The lace shrugs are $5.99 each.

Tag on flip-flops by Isadora.

Mini-Max also has a wide variety of sandals and flip-flops on sale now. I found a pair by Isadora for $1.99 that I think goes well with the peach shrug and Magi sundress.

Flip-flops by Isadora.

I looked for a pair to go with the other shrug and sundress but couldn’t find one.

Label and tag for sundress by Unity. The tag has the name of Unity Stretch while the garment label gives the name of the manufacturer as Uniti.

The other Contact shrug I bought actually looks alright with the Unity sundress I also bought. The sundress has a very dark, almost serpentine green background which does not photograph very well.

Unity sundress and shrug by Contact.

I plan to look for another pair of flip-flops to go with the Unity sundress along with a summer pocketbook. That, however, is a shopping trip for another day.

Mini Max is located in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY at 4708 5th Avenue.


Please note: I am not affiliated with any store or manufacturer.