Office Supplies at your nearest 99 cent store

If you need basic office supplies like envelopes, notepads, pencils, staples, staplers, and pens I highly recommend you check out a nearby 99 cents store or variety store before heading to a big chain like Staples.

As a self-employed Administrative Assistant, I’m very conscious of getting the most I can for whatever I pay in relation to my office supplies. I used to go to the 99 cents store only for cleaning supplies but now I also shop for the basic office supplies, too. I only order from Staples or Reliable Office Supplies when I need a computer related item or things like desk lamps.

10 x 13 envelopes, 2 per package, by StaPro.

I recently had to mail out 10 documents and needed only that amount of 10 x 13 envelopes. I thought that buying them at one of the local 99 cents stores was a good move since I did not have to buy a large box with 25 or more envelopes. These envelopes by StaPro came two per package for a price of 99 cents.

Invisible Tape, 6 rolls per pack and StaPro One Hole Paper Punch.

I rarely buy Scotch Brand Invisible Tape anymore when the 6 roll pack of 3/4″ x 500″ tape I can get at the 99 cents stores near me does just as good a job. I also got a very light One Hole Paper Punch that works well for my purposes. The 6 pack of tape and the one hold punch were $1.00 each.

Pack of 20 plastic Sheet Protectors by StaPro. Three ring binder with lightweight plastic cover.

Sheet protectors in letter size (8 1/2 x 11) are also available at many 99 cent stores at prices ranging from $1.00-$1.49. The ones I got were made by StaPro and were $1.00 for a packet of 20. These sheet protectors will hold two pages easily. Lightweight plastic binders range from $1.49-$2.59 depending on the height and number of rings. This 3 ring binder cost $1.50.

One of the best things about shopping for basic office supplies at a nearby variety or 99 cents store is the speed with which you can obtain the needed items and get back to your business activities. There will also be money left to put aside for the postage to mail documents or even a cup of a special blend of coffee as a reward for a job well done.


Saving Money with Store Brands

A good way to save money on food and household items is to buy the store brand or private label brand available at the supermarket.

White Rose 18 oz. Corn Flakes and White Rose 13 oz. Crisp Rice Cereals.

With the cost of name brand cereals made by Post and Kelloggs going over $3.00 a box or more I’ve decided that fancy graphics and cute cartoon characters are not reasons for spending more than I should on a cereal. I’ve started buying the White Rose brand of cereals when they are on sale at Scaturro’s Supermarket. The sale price is usually $1.99 a box so I stock up on two boxes at a time of either Corn Flakes or Crisp Rice.

One thing I do recommend when buying store brand cereals, especially when they are this reasonably priced, is to check the ingredients to ensure they do not have any High Fructose Corn Syrup. This ingredient is known to stimulate the appetite and causes a person to eat more than they would normally want. It is one of the causes of obesity today and should be avoided even if it means bypassing a food item on sale. I am happy to see that White Rose does not use High Fructose Corn Syrup in their Corn Flakes and Crisp Rice cereals. This will make me come back to their product again when it is on sale.

White Rose Heavy Duty Liquid Laundry Detergent.

I’m not an enthusiast of the super concentrated brands of liquid laundry detergent that cost over $6-8 for a small bottle. Recently, Scatturo ran a 2 for $5 sale on White Rose laundry detergent and for that price I’m very satisfied with the results of using this product. Since I only launder clothes for myself I think that by the time both bottles are finished, there will be another sale where I can buy these again.

In future postings I plan to write about other store brands like America’s Choice or private label brands like Krasdale as I continue to explore ways to enjoy favorite foods without spending an unreasonable amount of money because of packaging and marketing costs added in.

Scatturo Supermarket announces the sales for White Rose products in their weekly circular which is available each Thursday.

Scatturo Supermarket where I shop is located in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, NY at 6301 11th Avenue.


Please note: I am not associated with any store or manufacturer.

Take a Goodie Bag when you go visiting

I always like to bring a little goodie bag whenever I visit someone I haven’t seen for a long time. I try to group the goodies around a color theme or something that the recipient will like. I’ve found that the goodie bag sometimes gets a better receiption than cake or confections, especially when someone is watching their weight.

I shopped for the contents of these “Tea Time” goodie bags at my local 99 cent stores and supermarkets. I was able to pull together an entire bag for a total of $5.76. I think the message of “take time out to relax with a cup of tea” comes across with the soothing colors of the gift bag and contents. A vanilla scented candle burning while enjoying some tea with tea biscuits can become a little afternoon ritual to calm down with whenever there is the opportunity.

I will post more ideas for themed goodie bags once I get the next one completed. I think these make a thoughtful gift to a host or hostess,

The items pictured here were purchased from:

Chen’s Discount Store, 5415 New Utrecht Avenue, Boro Park, Brooklyn, NY.
GiftRite Gift Bag, 99 cents. Available in solid, pastel colors.
Mug by Dependable Industries, $1.29

Pathmark at the Fairmont Mini-Mall, 13th Avenue (entrance on 60th Street), Boro Park, Brooklyn, NY.
Small box Lipton Tea, bought when on sale for 99 cents a box. Contains 16 tea bags.

Scatturo Supermarket, 6301 11th Avenue (bet. 63rd and 64th Sts.), Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, NY.
Sofia Tea Biscuits, $1.50.
StarLytes Scented Candles, various fragrances, 99 cents each.


Please note: I am not affiliated with any store or manufacturer.

Hallmark Cards’ 99 cents line

There are times that 99 Cents Stores do not have exactly the type of greeting card I’m looking for. That’s when I’ll search around the neighborhood for gift shops that offer a wider variety.

It was a very pleasant discovery when I visited the Wonderland Card Shop in Dyker Heights this past Saturday. They still offer Halllmark’s line of 99 cents greeting cards. This line offers great quality for the budget minded shopper. There are cards for birthdays, anniversaries, get well wishes and weddings, to name a few.

Hallmark greeting card with Blue Mountain Arts wallet card from Wonderland Card Shop.

I have not been able to visit a friend who lives in a nursing home since Easter. To stay in touch and let her know I’m thinking about her I selected a very cute greeting card from Hallmark’s 99 cent line. While these cards do not have the fancy sparkles and poetic language of the higher priced greeting cards, I find the low key effect of the 99 cents line just right for my purposes.

Since I saved money on the greeting card I was able to get a Blue Mountain Arts Wallet Card for $2.25. The wallet card had a lovely poem about angels, something my friend would enjoy. She has a bulletin board in her room at the nursing home so I’m pretty sure she’ll put the greeting card and the wallet card on it.

The Hallmark 99 cents line of cards is all the way at the back of the store so make sure to look for it when you visit Wonderland and want to get a reasonably priced greeting card.

Wonderland Card Shop is located at 6424 11th Avenue (at the corner of 65th Street) in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, N.Y.

The Ozark Trail Water Bottle

I have at long last found a water bottle that does not leak and can be clipped onto my Messenger Bag when I go out and about on my Saturday morning walks.

Ozark Trail 1-Liter Water Bottle.

I filled the bottle with tap water and kept it in the refrigerator overnight before using. Then on the next morning, I placed the bottle into the covering and went out for about 4 hours. The water remained cool (not cold) and there was no leakage. The soft yet sturdy handle makes it easy to hold a bottle this large. The clip is sturdy and remained in place all the time I was out and walking around.

This water bottle and cover are made by Ozark Trail. I’ve looked the brand up on line and found that it is still available at Wal-Mart stores but no longer available on-line. The price at Wal-Mart is about $3.88

I got mine at Deals and Discounts at 6910 5th Avenue, in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY. The price was $2.99 Since there’s no Wal-Mart in my immediate location I was very pleased to find this product at Deals and Discounts.

Pretty Summer Oufits for Under $10.00

I like to have one or two sundresses and a girly pair of flip-flops to wear when running errands or shopping in the neighborhood during the hot weather. Having a colorful outfit that requires minimal care and time to pull together makes me enjoy dressing up even when it’s humid outside.

Tag on Sundress by Magi.

Mini-Max in Sunset Park had many pretty skirts, dresses and blouses on sale today. They also had sundresses at prices that made buying just one impossible.

Label inside peach colored shrug by Contact. Tag is also shown.

And then there were very sweet stretch lace shrugs that worked well with the sundresses. The colors weren’t exactly a match but seemed to go together well enough for me. At these prices I don’t want to be so fussy I miss out on the possibilities having a few separates can add to an outfit.

Sundress by Magi with Lace Shrug by Contact.

The sundresses were all $2.99 each and are available in an assortment of prints. Sizes range from Small, Medium, Large and some Extra Large. The lace shrugs are $5.99 each.

Tag on flip-flops by Isadora.

Mini-Max also has a wide variety of sandals and flip-flops on sale now. I found a pair by Isadora for $1.99 that I think goes well with the peach shrug and Magi sundress.

Flip-flops by Isadora.

I looked for a pair to go with the other shrug and sundress but couldn’t find one.

Label and tag for sundress by Unity. The tag has the name of Unity Stretch while the garment label gives the name of the manufacturer as Uniti.

The other Contact shrug I bought actually looks alright with the Unity sundress I also bought. The sundress has a very dark, almost serpentine green background which does not photograph very well.

Unity sundress and shrug by Contact.

I plan to look for another pair of flip-flops to go with the Unity sundress along with a summer pocketbook. That, however, is a shopping trip for another day.

Mini Max is located in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY at 4708 5th Avenue.


Please note: I am not affiliated with any store or manufacturer.

Sweet Dreams in the Summer

“Just Love” label and tag.

Post-Memorial Day Sales proved much better than I ever expected. I went on an all morning shopping trip today, walking from 75th Street and 5th Avenue in Bay Ridge all the way to 48th Street and 5th Avenue in Sunset Park. The sales were in full force and I was very glad to give my business to the local merchants.

In Bay Ridge I stopped at Deals and Discounts to check out what they were offering. The window display for the store was not very interesting so I had no expectation of finding anything I needed.

Nightgown by Just Love.

And that assumption was very wrong. Deals and Discounts had the nightgowns I was looking for at a price I never expected to see!

On sale were nightgowns by Just Love for $1.99 each. They are roomy and made of a very lightweight poly-cotton knit. Sizes available are Small, Medium, Large and a few Extra Large.

I am very happy with my new nightgowns since they are cute enough to double as a house dress when a slip or cami and underpants are worn underneath. This proves to me again, that the best bargains are often in the least expected places. It pays to keep an open mind and check out every store along 5th Avenue.

Deals and Discounts is located in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY at 6910 5th Avenue.


Please note: I am not affiliated with any store or manufacturer.