Spring Cleaning and Sending Greetings: Happy Finds this Saturday!

By shopping very carefully and minimizing the amount I spend on household products I have saved so much money. There was enough to spare for Mother’s Day! I was able to have flowers sent to my Aunt, as well as to the resting place of my paternal Grandmother. I also will have candles lit at the church my Maternal Grandmother attended. The ability to do these things at Mother’s Day makes all the efforts of bargain shopping well worth it. There is also enough money left for a round trip train ticket to visit the cemetery where my Mom is interred and bring a bouquet to leave at her resting place.

Today, I went shopping in Dyker Heights and stopped at the 99 cents & Up Discount Store on 13th Avenue near 71st Street. The store is very well laid out and the aisles are clear. Shelves are well stocked and the staff offers to help if you cannot find what you’re looking for.

Mostly, I needed cleaning brushes. I couldn’t believe that they had them for $1.00 each.

I bought a toilet bowl cleaning brush and holder exactly like this one over 18 months ago. Despite it looking very flimsy it does a good enough job for the price. For some reason the brush unscrews from the handle. I cannot figure out why this is so. But I noticed that when I have to clean the brush by soaking it in a bucket with some bleach and water, the clean up goes much easier.

Nothing cleans up bath tub ring like a good scouring powder and a strong brush. This one will serve my purpose just fine. It, too, was $1.00.

I hadn’t planned on buying any greeting cards but when I saw this box of 10 cards for $1.99 I couldn’t resist.

I love to keep in touch with relatives and friends by snail mail. There is a special quality to receiving a card by mail that is lacking in getting an e-card.

The assortment of cards is just right. The inside of each card is blank so that you can write your own greeting or note. The color of the inks and the paper for the cardstock and envelopes make this purchase very worthwhile. I just might go back and buy another box.

99 cents and Up Discount Store is located at 7111 13th Avenue in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, New York.


Please Note: I am not affiliated with any store or manufacturer.