Bargain Shopping for at-home beauty treatments

As the cost for waxing and threading at salons continues to go up, I’ve decided to experiment with different hair removal products at home. Some nail salons in Dyker Heights and Boro Park are charging up to $25 just for a leg waxing. In February I spent over $18 just for eyebrows, chin and upper lip waxing. I decided that it was time to take back this part of my beauty regimen as well.

Nair crème depilatory lotion (left) and Nads Gel Remover (right).

Two weeks ago I bought two different types of hair removal products to see which one best suits my needs and my budget. Rite Aid had the Nair Hair Remover Lotion for $7.99 a bottle. The Nads hair remover gel cost $13.99.

The Nads gel came with everything I needed for a complete at home treatment. I thought it was definitely a good buy. Included were: pre-waxing prep towelettes, wooden spreaders for the wax, disposable strips and an after treatment soothing cream. The Nads gel is supposed to work with your body temperature and get easier to spread as it stays on the skin. I found that it was difficult to work with when I first opened the jar. I attribute that to the cold weather two weeks ago. I got the wax to soften up a little by leaving it near the stove when I made a cup of coffee. It was somewhat easier to work with after that but still not easy enough. Overall the results were very good as the gel manages to get even stubborn hairs out.

The Nair lotion had a pleasant fragrance and worked in less than 4 minutes for me. I think I will be using this often since there are times I simple do not have a half hour to spend on waxing my legs.

Nads gel will come in handy for bikini line waxing when the weather gets warmer. I’m hoping by then the gel will be easier to use.

Overall, I like both products and am happy that as I use them the cost per treatment will be far less than I will spend at a salon. The main thing now is to set aside the time so I can do it myself.


Please note: I am not affiliated with any store or manufacturer.