Pillows and Kitchen Towels–good buys in Dyker Heights

I’ve been looking for a new pillow for a long time but have refrained from the $12.99-$21.99 price range I see in some outlets and discount stores. Since Jembro at the Fairmont Mini-Mall has closed I now have to go further along 13th Avenue or New Utrecht Avenue in pursuit of a good bargain.

This past Saturday was the first real Spring-like day and it was very enjoyable going up 13th Avenue towards Dyker Heights. When I came to The Emmanuel Gift Shop on 13th Avenue at the corner of Bay Ridge Avenue I decided to stop and look at the offerings outside the store. The colorful pillows were the first thing that attracted me. When I saw the $4.99 price sticker on the wrapping I knew I had my new pillow. At last happy nap time and sleep time were ahead.

Inside the store is a delightful combination of variety store, gift shop and 99 cents store. The assortment of merchandise is well arranged and the young woman at the register is very personalble, helpful and cheerful.

I also found the kind of kitchen towels I’ve been looking for. These 100% cotton towels by Cotton Valley have pretty machine embroidery that I like very much. The price was $1.69 for each towel.

Emanuel Gift Shop also has a very pretty selection of greeting cards along with seasonal merchandise. I came out satisfied not only with my purchases but with the excellent customer service and attention I received here.

Emmanuel Gift Shop, 6816 13th Avenue at the corner of Bay Ridge Avenue in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, New York.


Please note: I’m not affiliated with any store or manufacturer.