Pocket Mirrors for Little Girls (and Big Girls, too)

I love to have little trinkets to attach to the belt loops on my jeans. Sometimes I also put cute key chains or baubles on my totebag or shoulderbag. This little pocket mirror appealed to me because I can use it in these ways.

The comb is pretty good, too. I tried it out already and it doesn’t pull my hair.

The little mirror also is a plus when I need to take a quick look and see if I need to put on more lip gloss or fix my eye-makeup. That little irregularity you see in the photo above is not the mirror–it’s the plaster peeling on the kitchen ceiling.

I originally bought this as part of a goody bag for a co-worker’s daughter. I decided to keep this little goody for myself and will get another one for the daughter of my co-worker soon.

At 99 cents it’s a good buy for little girls and big girls who love cute and pretty.

I bought this at Chen’s Discount Store on New Utrecht Avenue between 54th and 55th Streets in Boro Park, Brooklyn.


Note: I’m not affiliated with any store or manufacturer.