Weekly Supermarket Circulars are a Bargain Hunter’s Best Friend

It’s still chilly outside and not as warm as I’d like it to be. My bargain shopping has been limited to the immediate neighborhoods. Since I haven’t been able to freely walk around my favorite shopping areas, I’ve relied many times on the weekly circulars from Pathmark in Boro Park and Scatturo in Dyker Heights.

Many homes in Sunset Park and Boro Park have taken to displaying signs on their gates that request anyone distributing circulars refrain from leaving them on the property where such a sign is displayed.

I agree it can look a little untidy. I have seen some front stoops that look awful with the circulars scattered all over after they have been removed from the plastic baggy in which they are placed.

I’m glad my landlord actually takes an interest in the circulars. Since I’m unable to do much shopping during the workweek, these circulars are a welcome guide to what is on sale. I’m a little old fashioned but I prefer actually reading the circular over a cup of tea rather than navigating a website. After working all day on a laptop I can’t wait to shut it off.

I recently had some super buys thanks to the circulars for Pathmark and Scatturo. Here are my finds. When you see the prices I’m sure you’ll reconsider the value of the weekly circulars put out by the supermarkets.

I love corn muffins for breakfast with some fruit jam, a fresh orange, and a good cup of Chock Full O’Nuts coffee. Scatturo and Pathmark usually sell my favorite brand, Jiffy, for about 69-85 cents a box. If the Jiffy muffin mix gets too close to 89 cents a box I look for the store brands. I did very well recently. Pathmark had the America’s Choice Corn Muffin mix for 44 cents a box and Scatturo had the White Rose brand on sale for 59 cents a box. I bought about 5 boxes each. I find a corn muffin more satisfying than toast or a croissant.

Name brand paper products get too pricey for my budget but when I saw that Pathmark had 20 rolls of the Marcal Small Steps toilet tissue on sale for $9.99 I bought a pack. I was very happy with my purchase and the quality I associate with Marcal products. The only issue I had is that the package is so big I had no place to put it. It’s stuffed inside the clothes closet at this time.

Not to be outdone Scatturo offered 8 large rolls of Bounty paper towels for much lower than the $8.00 I would have spent buying 8 rolls of Sparkle paper towels from the local 99 cent stores. I don’t remember what I paid because it’s been a few weeks, but I’m sure the price was $5.99

The weekly circulars for Pathmark and Scatturo are available from each store every Thursday. I think it’s a good way to focus on where to shop when time is limited and weather does not permit a leisurely afternoon out in search of a bargain.

Pathmark at the Fairmont Mini-Mall
61st Street near 13th Avenue
Boro Park, Brooklyn

11th Avenue near 63rd Street
Dyker Heights, Brooklyn


Please Note: I am not affiliated with any store or manufacturer.