Refrigerator Magnets aren’t just for the fridge–they’re great 1:6 scale props for doll photos

I love miniature objects like ReMents but have not indulged my love of these little collectibles for many years. Mostly because of the increased prices in postage and the ReMents. I already have a sufficient amount to use when creating dioramas or taking photos of my teenage fashion dolls. But every so often I do like to add a new object to the mix so that the displays or photos don’t get boring.

Last week I came upon these cute refrigerator magnets by Telly Good. When I came home I started putting them on the display shelf with my Barbies and other fashion dolls. They worked rather well. While they don’t have the fine detail as ReMents I’m delighted to have gotten these anyway. They add a nice touch to the display shelf and the little world my dolls live in.

They also look super cute on the fridge, too.

These magnets came from D&D Variety Store, 11th Avenue near 64th Street in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn. The price for each magnet was about $1.29.


Please note: I’m not affiliated with any store or manufacturer.