Old School home style mani/pedi, eyebrow grooming, hair styling and a box of tissues

I use a lot of tissues when giving myself a manicure/pedicure or when tweezing my eyebrows. I’ve started buying Daisy and Sofitel tissues in order to have an adequate supply of this needed product. At 99 cents a box I’m very pleased with the purchases.

I like to use the Daisy brand in the kitchen and think that the packaging is what attracts me each time. I really like the illustrations on their packaging. The Sofitel tissues aren’t as soft as the Daisy brand but hold up well when it’s allergy or cold season.

I continue to take back my nail and body care. So far I’ve gone over 4 weeks without a salon mani-pedi because daily maintenance is working out very well. I recently bought a cuticle nipper for my toenails. I use this very cautiously and it’s a little tricky to handle but so far I’m doing well. For a $1.99 it was a good buy.

For a $1.29 I got two nifty eyebrow grooming brushes similar to the ones I’ve seen at the nail salons I go to. I’m not quite sure what the spiral brush is used for but I’m sure I’ll find out after doing a search on google.

These purchases all came from Chen’s Discount Store on New Utrecht Avenue between 54th and 55th Streets in Boro Park, Brooklyn.

And in keeping with my New Year’s resolution to take back my haircare and styling, I bought rollers at Big City 99 Cent store on 4th Avenue near 56th Street in Sunset Park for 99 cents. After blow drying my hair until it is slightly damp, I use the curlers and let my hair air dry while having breakfast or puttering around the apartment. When dry I brush my hair into a ponytail, use a colorful band or clip and I’m ready to go.


Please note: I am not affiliated with any store or manufacturer.